Arabic Baby Names - Letter A

Arabic Baby Names - Letter A

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If you like Arabic names and want to put one on the baby you are expecting and who is about to be born, we advise you to consult our selection of Arabic names for boys and girls, which begin with the letter A. Discover our list of Arabic names for babies, with their respective meanings.

Well, here we have many proper names of people, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings vary according to the sources and interpretations. has selected the most popular and trendy Arabic names so that you can choose the perfect name for your baby.

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ABDEL - ABDULServant of allah
ABDEL ALIMServant of the Omniscient
ABDEL ALÍServant of the highest
ABDEL AZIMServant of the mighty
ABDEL AZIZServant of the mighty
ABDEL BARIServant of the creator
ABDEL FATTÂServant of the one who opens
ABDEL GHAFFÂRServant of the forgiver
ABDEL HADIGuide's servant
ABDEL HÂFEZProtector's Servant
ABDEL HAKÎMServant of the sage
ABDEL HALÎMServant of the Gentle
ABDEL HAMÎDServant of the Praised
ABDEL HAQQServant of truth
ABDEL JABBÂRServant of the mighty
ABDEL JALÎLServant of the majestic
ABDEL KARÎMServant of the nobleman
ABDEL KHALÎQServant of the creator
ABDEL MÂLIKMaster's servant, sir
ABDEL MÂJIDServant of the glorious
ABDEL MU'JIBServant of the answerer
ABDEL MUTA'ALServant of the highest
ABDEL NÂSSERServant of the victorious
ABDEL QÂDERServant of the mighty
ABDEL QAHHÂRServant of the Almighty
ABDEL RAHÎMServant of the most compassionate
ABDEL RAHMÂNServant of the Merciful
ABDEL RASHÎDServant of the one who duly guides us
ABDEL RA'ÛFServant of the most merciful
ABDEL RAZZÂGServant of the one who keeps us
ABDEL SABÛRPatient servant
ABDEL SALÂMServant of peace
ABDEL SAMADServant of the Eternal
ABDEL SÂMI 'All-Hearing Servant
ABDEL TAWWÂBServant of the forgiver
ABDEL WADÛDServant of the one who loves us
ABDEL WAHHABServant of the one who gives
ABDEL WÂHEDServant of the one who is unique
ADNANOld Arabic name
AFÎLChaste, modest
AHMAD - AHMEDThe most fervent worshiper
AKRAMVery generous
TOThe nobelza
ALADDINThe nobility of faith
ALÎVery tall, noble
AMÎRThe prince
AMROld Arabic name
ANISEIntimate friend
ASHRAFVery honorable
AZZÂMDetermined, I resolve
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