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Calendar of the names of November saints

Calendar of the names of November saints

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There is a very widespread tradition of choosing your baby's name according to the name day celebrated on the day of his birth. If you leave accounts soon, you have to know what the saints are like for this month. To do this, in we bring you the calendar of the names of the saints of November. It will help you to know what to call your baby or to remember the date on which his saint is celebrated. Don't forget to congratulate the boys and girls who are called by these names and give them a big hug!

The operation of this calendar is very simple. Touch or click on each of the days to learn more about each of the saints that are celebrated. You can read more about the meaning of that specific name, who was the saint to whom it pays homage or some curiosities that you will love to know.

And then we talk a little about each of the most celebrated names of saints in November.

  • Omar.Omar is a short and powerful name. Surely you know that it is of Arabic origin and means 'the one of long life'. On the other hand, we cannot forget that November 1 is All Saints' Day and, therefore, all those names that do not have a saint also celebrate their name day.
  • Martin. Martín is one of the most fashionable names at the moment, both in his feminine version and in his masculine version. The origin of this name is Latin and refers to the God Mars of war. Will all children who bear this name be warriors?
  • Silvia. Among the most beautiful names for girls that have their saint in November we find Silvia. This 6-letter name celebrates its saint on November 3. In addition, you should know that its origin is Latin and that its meaning is related to the jungle. There are experts who assure that it means 'the one that inhabits the forests'.
  • Amancio. It is true that Amancio is a name almost in disuse today, however, its meaning is so full of love and affection that we could not let it pass when making this calendar of the names of saints for November. Its origin is Latin and its meaning, 'the lover'.
  • Zacharias. Z is a special letter, because of how it sounds when said out loud and because it is the last letter in the alphabet. For this reason, there are parents who choose this name for their children, although it is less and less popular. This name from biblical tradition comes from Hebrew and means 'the one whom God remembers'.
  • Beatriz. This is a beautiful name that many parents choose for their girls. The origin of this nickname is Latin and its meaning 'the one that makes you happy', reason enough to choose it for a girl. Its saints are celebrated on November 6 and its most common diminutive is Bea.
  • Ernesto. November 7 is the day dedicated to all the Ernestos, a name of Germanic origin that means 'persevering' or 'tenacious'. Do you think that the meaning of this name will affect the way of being of the children who carry it? Will they be more stubborn than normal?
  • Victorino. Victorino is a name that, although it was heard on the streets a few decades ago, at this moment it is a bit strange. However, we cannot forget about it because it is already known that fashions come and go. It is a nickname of Latin origin that means 'the victor'.
  • Almudena. Almudena is an elegant and pretty name where they exist. It means 'wall' and its origin is Arabic. On November 9, the day of Our Lady of Almudena is celebrated, a highly anticipated holiday in cities like Madrid (Spain), of which she is the patron saint.

  • Noah If you are looking for a short and powerful name for your son, you can give him Noah, who celebrates his saint on November 10. 3-letter names are always a guarantee of success, because they are clear and direct. Noah is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'rest' or 'tranquility'.
  • Feliciano. Feliciano, which is used less and less among newborn babies, is a name that conveys great joy, right? November 11 is the most special day of all those who bear this name, which is of Latin origin and which means 'happy'.
  • Agustina. On November 12, Saint Agustina Pietrantoni was beatified, an Italian nun who cared for the sick and who, therefore, is considered the patron saint of male and female nurses. The origin of this name is Latin and means 'consecrated by the augurs'. A name that conveys good fortune!
  • Leandro. This name celebrates its name day on November 13 in honor of the Spanish Bishop Leandro de Sevilla. Leandro is a name of Greek origin that means 'the nice man'. Without a doubt, a nice name for your baby.
  • Gracious. If you are looking for a name for your baby that is loaded with tradition and history, Clemente is a very successful name. It is one of those names that sounds old, but has been renewed. Its origin is Latin and means 'kind'.
  • Leopoldo. We finished the list of names that celebrate a saint in the first days of November with Leopoldo. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the one who is brave for the people'. This is a long name that some parents shorten for Leo. However, we cannot confuse him with the Leos who are named after Leonardo.

And we continue with the list of names for children who have their saint in November, more specifically in the last fortnight of this month. You will see that there are some names steeped in history and others much more original. Hopefully they inspire you to choose the name for your baby that you like the most, based on the saints.

  • Edmund. Edmundo can be a long and complicated name for many parents. But it is much closer to thinking that Eddy or Eddie comes from him, a name that you may have heard more frequently. In any case, you should know that this name is of Germanic origin and that it means 'the one who defends the earth'.
  • Hilda. Do you like Hilda as a name for your baby? It comes from the German 'hild', which means 'battle' or 'combat'. Therefore, it is a very suitable name for your little warrior who is about to be born.
  • Aurelio. Aurelio is a name with a long tradition that when it is chosen for a newborn baby is usually due to the fact that it is remembering a previous relative. Among the dates to celebrate its saints, it is celebrated on November 18, but you should also know that it is a name of Latin origin that means 'of color gold'.
  • Splendor. The origin of this name is Latin and means 'happy'. Hearing this name it is impossible not to remember Goethe's famous work 'Faust', right?
  • Octavio. Octavio, who celebrates his saint on November 20, is a name of Latin origin that means 'eighth'. It is inevitably related to Rome, since we remember Gaius Octavian, adopted son of Julius Caesar. If that sounds like a long name, you can shorten it to Oct or Tavi.
  • Presentation. This is a Latin name that means 'the one in front'. It is an invocation of the Virgin Mary that is highly venerated in certain regions of cities such as Quito or Madrid. That is why there are devoted parents who continue to choose this traditional name for their little ones. It is often used as a diminutive Presen.
  • Cecilia. November 22 is a very important day for all musicians, since it is celebrated on the special day of its patron saint: Santa Cecilia. This beautiful name has Latin origin and means 'the little blind woman'. It is a very special name, which many parents choose because of how good it sounds.
  • Lucrecia. All those who are looking for a fun name and that, as soon as they hear it invokes party and joy, they have to think about choosing Lucrecia for their babies. Its origin is Latin and its name is on November 23. Its meaning is relative to the Italian Lucretius family.
  • Fermina. 'Strong' and 'firm' are two of the most prominent meanings of the name Fermina, of Latin origin. If you want a powerful name for your little girl, you can put this name on your list of 'possible nicknames' for your baby.
  • Gonzalo. Of German origin, Gonzalo is a very fashionable name for newborn boys. It means 'ready for combat' and as a diminutive Gonza, Zalo or Goncho is usually used. If you like this name for your baby, you will like to discover that in other languages ​​Gonzalo says: Consalvo (in Italian), Gonçalo (Portuguese) or Gonzalve (in French).
  • Conrado. Straight from German, this baby name is steeped in history. It may not be as common in Spanish, but translated into other languages ​​it is a much more recurring option: Kurt or Konrad.
  • Miracles. Milagros, or Mila in its shortest form, is a beautiful name of Latin origin that refers to Our Lady of Miracles or Our Lady of the Miracle. This invocation of the Virgin is what makes this name so popular with little girls around the world.
  • James. This common name for a baby is of Hebrew origin and means 'the one whom God will protect'. Jaime is a name with the same roots as Jacobo, Yago, Santiago or Tiago, so there are many children who must be congratulated every November 28.
  • Saturnine. Although Saturnino is a name that has not been used for many years, there are parents who like it because of the tradition and history it transmits. It is a Latin name that comes from 'saturninus or saturnina' and means 'consecrated to the god Saturn'.
  • André. We are talking about a name of Greek origin that means 'brave' or 'virile'. It is an exotic and suitable variant beyond the name Andrés, don't you think?

And to review the saints for the rest of the months of the year, take a look at the following table. Click or tap on each of the months to find out which are the most celebrated saints. You will discover that, for example, on March 19 the saint of San José is celebrated (father's day, for example), July 3 is the day of Santo Tomás or on August 19, that of Santo Luis.

Congratulations to all the children who have their saints in November!

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