The weeping woman. Mexican child legend

The weeping woman. Mexican child legend

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The legend of The weeping woman It is a classic of classics, a very famous Mexican story that has been around the world and has existed since the time of the conquest. Teach your kids one of the most traditional stories of Mexico, which tells us about the spirit of a woman in pain who is wandering the streets looking for her beloved children.

Although the legend has many variants, this time we show you a version of this story designed for the smallest of the house. Guiainfantil.com brings you this Mexican children's legend, so that children can enjoy a spooky story and experience moments of mystery and suspense! We assure you, the little ones will love it!

Many years ago in Mexico City, near Xochimilco the sad wailing of a woman could be heard.

- Oh my children! What will become of them - said a disturbing voice.

While the mysterious woman was heard, the fearful inhabitants of the city locked themselves in their houses with mud and stone. Nor did the ancient conquerors dare to go out into the street, because the screams of that woman were really creepy.

Rumor had it that it was the weeping woman, a woman dressed in white with long hair and a ghostly appearance, who hovered in the air with a veil to cover her horrifying face. Slowly he wandered through the city between streets and squares, and who came to witness his presence say that when he shouted, oh my children! He waved his long arms in an anguished way, for later disappear into thin air and continue to terrorize in other parts of the city with their moans and screams.

While the weeping woman walked the squares, she cried desperately, after a while it went to the river until it gradually lost itself in the darkness of the night, and thus ended up dissolving in the waters. This happened every night in Mexico City and it had its inhabitants truly restless, because no one knew the cause of those laments.

Some people said that the woman had a lover, with whom she had never been able to marry thanks to the unexpected surprise of death. When the man died he was left alone and sad, and he neglected his 3 children to such an extent that the poor little ones were left orphans without anyone helping them. Because of this the woman returned from beyond to take care of her children, and desperately sought them through screams and wailing.

Another version tells that long ago, he lived a mother along with her three children. The children's father had abandoned them a long time ago, until one day that man returned. The man returned when the children were alone at home and when the mother returned home, she looked for her children but did not find them, neither them nor the man.

She went out and searched the town crying and shouting the names of her children without being able to find them. Over the years, her search continued, but without any success and after so much effort, the woman died of sadness. Since then his wandering spirit wanders every night looking for her children, crying and lamenting around the villages.

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