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Santa Silvia's Day, November 3. Names for girls

Santa Silvia's Day, November 3. Names for girls

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Silvia is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'the one that inhabits the forests'. From him derives the noun that we know as 'jungle' and it is a very emotional name that can be perfect for your daughter. Silvia has been a frequent name since the 1960s, but in all this time she has not lost freshness or naturalness. Celebrate your name day On November 3, which is the day of Santa Silvia.

Because of the meaning of her name, Silvia possesses a charismatic personality full of wit and creativity. Her natural and fun nature easily makes her the center of attention, and her capacity for effort and commitment make her a successful worker.

The name Silvia is known throughout the world thanks to the Latin tradition and It has been a very popular name in places as distant as the Slavic countries, France or the Nordic countries. In any case, this is a name that exudes sensitivity and nature in its purest form.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know the relationship that Silvia has with Roman mythology. And is that Silvia was neither more nor less than the mother of the founding twins of Rome, Romulus and Remus. Furthermore, a boy named Silvius, son of Aeneas and Lavinia, was born in the forests of the Italian peninsula, thus becoming one of the first settlers in Italy.

And if after this, you are more eager to know certain secrets and curiosities about this name, pay attention to what we have to tell you!

1. Diminutives and abbreviations
Despite not being a relatively long name, there are people who decide to shorten it. Thus, it is very common to hear many parents call their daughters Sil or Silvita or use one of the most popular variants, Silvana. We will also tell you that it has a male version, Silvano.

2. Famous with this name
It is such a beautiful name that many famous people have made it their own, such as the actresses Silvia Abascal or Silvia Marsó; the singer Silvia Pérez Cruz or the journalist Silvia Intxaurrondo; the model Silvia Kristel, the LGTB activist Sylvia River or the American writer Sylvia Plath.

3. Silvia in other languages
Although in most languages, Silvia is written and pronounced the same, we can find some modifications or changes. While in Spanish, German, English, Italian it is Silvia, in French it is Sylvie, in Hungarian Szilvia, in Polish Sylwia and in Russian Сильвия.

On November 3, Saint Silvia is celebrated in memory of Silvia of Rome, also known as Silvia of Sicily, and the researchers do not agree on her place of birth. He had two sons, one of them well known, Saint Gregory the Great because he was Pope and Doctor of the Church, while the second does not even know the name. Upon the death of her husbandSilvia dedicated herself to giving her life for others and also to religious life. They say that he had a special beauty in his face, which stood out for an always smiling expression and green eyes.

This day is also remembered for being, according to the Catholic Church, the saint of:

  • San Martin de Porres
  • Saint Domnino of Vienne
  • Saint Ermengol of Urgel
  • San Gaudioso of Tarazona
  • Saint Guenael de Landevenec
  • Saint Hubert the hunter
  • Saint Ida of Fieschingen
  • Saint John of Antidio
  • Saint Libertine of Agrigento
  • Santa Odrada de Alem
  • San Papulo de Lauragais
  • Saint Peter Francis Nero
  • San Pirmino of Reichenau
  • Santa Wenefrida

Surely when you have your little one with you, you will not stop looking at her. And through observing her day and night you will discover that mini personality that will be forging. There will be things that are being molded little by little and, others, that are already inscribed in your 'dna'.

Through numerology, you will be able to discover certain positive and negative traits of your personality. To do this, you only have to add the digits that are hidden in each of its letters until there is only one number left, in this case, 9. What will you want to tell us about your little girl?

Positive traits
Do not be surprised if in your first kindergarten or college tutoring, the teacher tells you that your little girl is very intelligent, because it is a very characteristic trait of her. Silvia will stand out from the rest of her classmates, which will make her very admired by all and will become, although it is not her wish or her goal, the leader of the class.

Negative traits
They are girls who are always being praised for their brilliance and, also, for having an exemplary behavior in many situations. And not only that, but sometimes they will be presented with gifts. If this occurs, be very careful because in the end you can, inadvertently, turn your little girl into a spoiled girl and, above all, very selfish and arrogant.

You may have chosen this name because you love its initial. The twentieth letter and sixteenth consonant of the alphabet has many followers, so we suggest others girls' names beginning with S. Will we make you change your mind and will you replace Silvia with one of them?

  • Sabrina It is the name of a goddess from Celtic mythology and also a teenage witch from television. Does it sound familiar?
  • SalmaGirl's name of German origin that means 'helmets of God'. This name is related to another very common, Selma.
  • Sandra. Girl's name of English origin and shortened form of the Greek name Alexandra, which means 'defender of man'.
  • Sara. For parents who consider their little girl a princess, Sara is the ideal name. It is a very important biblical name, since this woman gave birth to Isaac at the age of 90.
  • Sofia. This name of Greek origin means wisdom and, perhaps for this reason, it has been one of the favorites for new parents for several years.
  • Suzanne. Name of Greek origin that means 'lily'.

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