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Saint Leonardo's Day, October 23. Names for boys

Saint Leonardo's Day, October 23. Names for boys

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Leonardo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means "the one who has the strength of a lion", a meaning that will very positively determine the character of your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange, but rather provides a very suggestive touch of originality and distinction. He celebrates his name day on October 23, which is Saint Leonardo's day.

Due to the meaning of his name, Leonardo has a charismatic personality full of mystery and very attractive. His restless and dynamic character leads him to exude creativity and ingenuity, making him a successful entrepreneur. Furthermore, his outgoing and generous nature make him the center of attention.

The name Leonardo is known throughout the world with hardly any variations. Its diminutive Leo and its English form Leonard are perhaps its best-known variants, both very attractive. And we are facing a name with many possibilities of gaining popularity in the coming years due to the strength and originality that it transmits.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know a little more about that historical character that made the name Leonardo world famous. We are talking about Leonardo Da Vinci, that multifaceted figure of the Renaissance that it is impossible to catalog in a single profession. And without leaving Italy or the Renaissance, we meet the famous mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.

But nowadays also we meet various personalities named after your son. This is the case of the famous American actor Leonardo DiCaprio or the Canadian singer Leonard Cohen. Although closer to us is the attractive Argentine actor Leonardo Sabaraglia.

Many celebrities who have just become parents have chosen the diminutive Leo to baptize their little ones. This is the case of the son of the singer Raquel del Rosario and her husband, of the actors Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, of the Spanish presenter Jaime Cantizano, of the soccer player Fernando Torres and his wife ... It is clear that Leo or Leonardo is very into fashion!

We have already told you above that the big party to celebrate Saint Leonardo is on October 23, but did you know that there are 8 more days throughout the year where his name day is celebrated? Do you want to know what they coincide with? We show you them in order: February 10, August 31, October 15, October 28, October 31, November 6 and November 26.

But that is not all, On October 23 we must also remember to congratulate the following holy men and women, since they have been recognized by the Catholic Church:

  • Saint Theodoret of Antioch.
  • Saint Severino of Cologne. Saint Severino Boecio.
  • Saint Roman of Rouen.
  • Saint Paul Tong Viet Buong.
  • Saint John of Syracuse. San Juan de Capistrano.
  • Saint Josef Bilczewski.
  • Saint Ignatius of Constatinopla.
  • San Gaetano Catanoso.
  • Saint Benedict of Herbauge.
  • Saint Alucio of Campugliano.
  • San Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga.
  • Santa Etelfleda.

The 2 is the number that will accompany Leonardo during his life according to numerology. The 2 is a number that symbolizes the couple and cooperation, but which also hides other secrets of your little one's personality. Do you want to meet them or do you prefer to wait for him to reveal them? Here are some very interesting facts that will surely help you with the education of your little one!

Positive traits
They are very generous people, who like to share not only material things but also their wisdom. Hence, they are the best advisers and of the few people who know how to listen. Without a doubt, a very valuable gift in these times! It must also be said that they are quite discreet and that they do not like to attract attention at all (sometimes they can be shy).

Negative traits
They are very sensitive, which will make them very vulnerable to criticism. It is not that they take them the wrong way, but it can happen that their self-esteem is affected. As parents, you will have to be aware and work with your little one to make him feel special and, above all, that he is very important and worth a lot.

If you have opted for the name Leonardo, because it begins with the letter L and this consonant is one of your favorites, here is a list of children's names that begin with L! In case in the end you have doubts and want to look for more options.

  • Laurence. Of Latin origin, for a long time it was used as a surname and was written Lawrence. It has a very classic British feel to it and can be shortened to the elegant nickname Larry. As a curiosity we will tell you that this name has a French feminine form Lauren.
  • Liam. Irish names have become fashionable and Liam is a clear example of this. It also influences that, in recent years, we have met many famous people with this nickname. On the one hand, the former singer of the music group One Direction or the actor and ex-husband of Miley Cyrus, without forgetting, of course, the magnificent interpreter Liam Neeson. This is the short version of William.
  • London. The capital of the United Kingdom is always in fashion, perhaps that is why more and more parents choose it as a name for their children, as is the case with Milan (the son of Shakira and Piqué) or Brooklyn (that of the Beckhams). If you like it, don't hesitate to 'appropriate it'!
  • Lawrence. This name dates back to the days of Lorenzo de Medici, merchant prince and one of the leading patrons of Renaissance art (whose descendants still survive today!), And Shakespeare's Venetian merchant. It has a distinctly Italian air.
  • Luke. It is a very romantic name for its way of pronouncing itself and for the variety of options that we find in other languages, such as Luka, in Italian. It means Light and it is so popular that there are a dozen soccer players who wear these names proud, come on, they could make a soccer team by themselves!

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