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Saint Irene's Day, October 20. Names for girls

Saint Irene's Day, October 20. Names for girls

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Irene is a name for a girl of Greek origin that means 'peace'. It is one of the most beautiful names for its musicality and meaning, so it can be the ideal name for your daughter. In recent years it has been gaining popularity and is already on the list of frequent names for that tendency to revitalize traditional names that are not worn out by use. Celebrate your name day October 20, which is the day of Santa Irene.

For the meaning of her name, Irene has a charming personality that is hard to resist. He stands out for his cordiality, sympathy and the calm he transmits, which is why he usually wins the admiration of his group of friends. In addition, Irene is a responsible and committed person who makes her stand out in any job.

The name Irene is known throughout the world with hardly any variations thanks to the Greek tradition. We find some names related to Irene in Paz and also in Paloma, which we like for their symbolism. We also find its Russian variant Irina very attractive, which is gaining popularity in recent times.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know Irene's relationship with that concept so necessary and sought after today as Peace is. A relationship that reaches the present day through Greek mythology, with that personification of Peace that we see turned into a goddess.

But we also know many women of flesh and blood who bear the name of your daughter, from the empress of Byzantium, Irene, even Irene of Greece, the sister of Queen Sofia. Furthermore, Irene is a French film and also a fictional character in the Sherlock Holmes detective saga, created by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Irene celebrates her name day on October 20 in honor of Irene de Tancor, a Portuguese nun who lived in the 7th century. She entered a convent when she was very little, at the express wish of her parents, a very powerful family in Portuguese lands. Irene was so attractive that her parents wanted to protect her from the first moment. Unfortunately, a rejected suitor crossed her life who he murdered her because she was too pretty to be a nun.

Did you know that throughout the year there are two more dates on which calls like this have cause for celebration? On May 5, Saint Irene of Byzantium, also known as Irene of Athens, wife of Emperor Leo IV and mother of Constantine VI, is celebrated, and on April 5, Saint Irene of Thessalonica, a Christian martyr who was martyred for not denying the Christian faith.

And more interesting things, October 20 also coincides with the celebration of other onomastics of saints and blesseds. Here is the complete list!

  • Saint Honorius abbot
  • Santa Aca
  • Saint Adelina de Savigny
  • Saint Aderaldo de Troyes
  • San Andrés Calibita
  • Saint Caprasius of Agen
  • Saint Cornelius centurion
  • Saint Leopard of Osimo
  • Saint Mary Bertila Boscardin
  • Saint Sindulf of Aussonce
  • Saint Vital of Salzburg
  • Blessed Jacob of Strepa
  • Blessed Jakob Kern
  • Blessed Maria Teresa de Soubiran La Louvière

Perhaps you had not noticed a detail that characterizes Irene's name and that is that it is made up of five letters. Do you like this type of names for girls, that is, they are not very long but not very short? Here are a few suggestions with some curiosities about them.

  • Adela. This feminine name of Germanic origin means 'that of noble origin'. It is related to very creative and curious people and some consider it as the diminutive of Adelaida.
  • Celia. Diminutive of Cecilia and feminine of Celio, this name means September, so if your daughter is born in the ninth month of the year, think about it! Did you know that one of the seven hills that made up Ancient Rome is called Celia?
  • Katia. Of Russian origin, Katia is the diminutive of Catalina. It means pure, chaste, innocent and celebrates its saint on April 29.
  • Maria. It is a classic of the classics, and since we know you will like it, we are going to suggest that you do not stay with Irene or María but put the two together and make a name made up of a girl. Something good will come out of 'the one chosen by God' (Mary) and 'peace' (Irene).
  • Naomi. It means beautiful and its origin is much debated. Some say it comes from Hebrew and others go further, to Japanese lands. In any case it is perfect for any girl.
  • Nuria. To find its roots, we have to go to Catalonia (Spain) and, specifically, to the area of ​​Gerona, where there is a valley that bears this name. Its popularity is so high in Spain that a lot of personalities named like that stand out, for example, the actress Nuria Espert or the presenter Nuria Roca.
  • Wendy. It comes from English and its full name is Gwendolin. She became famous for being one of the most important female characters in the history of Peter Pan. It reflects the purity and innocence of the wearer.

What will your little girl be like? What traits will characterize it? It may be that from your gut you can notice the personality that is going to develop, but if you want to have more clues, numerology can help you. Knowing that the number that will accompany him throughout his life is 6, we can list certain positive traits and others a little more negative. Do we start with the good ones?

Positive traits
If there is something that parents find very difficult, it is to talk about emotions and feelings with their children, but in your case you will not have many problems, because the girls named Irene are very expressive and feel the need to bring out everything that happens to them. by his head. This will make them very easy to empathize with everyone, because they will always understand what the other person is going through.

Negative traits
Her weak point, and one that many toxic people will try to take advantage of, is that she is a very dependent girl who will find it difficult to take the initiative because she will always seek the consensus of her parents. At the level of relationships with others, we find an unpopular person, with only two or three friends and who does not like large and busy meetings.

We cannot think of something more beautiful and special that can be given to a child than a story where he, or rather his name, is the protagonist. And if it is also a story with which the little girl learns and even manages to overcome her fears, the gift acquires double value!

And this is how we want to talk to you about this nice girl. Irene has just changed countries and has not finished adjusting to the new school. She would like to be a bad witch and change everything at will. But one day, she receives a whole lesson from the hands of a real witch ... Irene finally understands that things cannot be changed, but she can change and adapt to them.

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