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Saint Edward's Day, October 13. Names for boys

Saint Edward's Day, October 13. Names for boys

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Eduardo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin which means 'the guardian of wealth'. It is a perfect name for your child for its simplicity and beauty of meaning. Although it is not one of the most frequent names today, its use is very familiar thanks to tradition. Celebrate your name day October 13, which is the day of Saint Edward.

Patron, saint and king, this is how history reminds this English character. He was a monarch who held the throne in England from 1042 to 1066, but was forced into exile with his mother to Normandy due to pressure from the Viking people. After spending the first part of his life there, he returned to England to be king thanks to the support of his stepbrother.

He died in 1066 and, although he could not fulfill his wish to make a pilgrimage to St. Peter of Rome, he reformed Westminster Abbey, where he is buried (he always had a close relationship with her). After his death and thanks to the work of helping the sick and needy, Pope Alexander canonized him and from very early on they began to call him a saint.

He became one of the most revered and important national saints in the United Kingdom, although with the death of Henry III his worship declined. In 1350, Eduardo III declared patron Saint George, current patron of England.

Because of the meaning of his name, Eduardo has a charismatic personality with great appeal to others. His success in social relationships is based on his communication skills, his optimism and his decisive and energetic character, something he also uses to be successful in the world of work.

The name Eduardo is known throughout the world with some variations thanks to the Germanic tradition. We like its variants in English Edward, Catalan Eduard, Basque Edorta and Portuguese Duarte. And many of its diminutives such as Edu, Eddy, Teddy, Ed or Lalo are very attractive to us.

The number of characters that have taken and bear the name Eduardo may help you to choose the name of your baby. We cannot forget the number of kings from all over Europe called Eduardo, something that has contributed to bring a touch of distinction and height to the name.

Very well known are the character of Eduardo Manostijeras, the actor Eduardo Noriega, with the most popular and admired scientific popularizer, Eduard Punset, with the writer of successful novels, Eduardo Mendoza and with the prestigious Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

Without wanting to deprive Eduardo of prominence, we will now list other saints who celebrate their birthday on the same day as Eduardo. All these saints were collected by the Catholic Church

  • Saint Chelidonia of Abruzzo
  • Saint Florentius of Thessaloniki
  • Saint Geraldo de Cierges
  • Saint Leobono of Salagnac
  • Saint Lubencio of Kobern
  • Saint Romulus of Genoa
  • Saint Simbert of Augsburg
  • Saint Theophilus of Antioch
  • San Venancio de Tours

And other saints who are also celebrating in the tenth month of the year are:

  • October 15, Santa Teresa
  • October 17, Santa Celia
  • October 18, San Lucas
  • October 19, Santo Joel
  • October 20, Santa Irene
  • October 23, Santo Leonardo
  • October 31, Santo Alonso

Just as the stars speak, the numbers also have a lot to say about this name. Do you know what digit is hidden behind the seven letters that compose it? The 5! And what does that have to do with your personality? Keep reading!

The best of Eduardo
They are very free children who like to do things in their own way, although during the time they are very babies and do not have freedom of movement they will be glued to you all the time. Take advantage of that stage because it may not happen again! They are quite active and lively and with them there is no boredom.

The worst of Eduardo
Perhaps the least kind face of those so called is that they are people who find it difficult to make friends and, therefore, deepen with someone. They often don't have a friend to tell about their problems, which makes them quite introverted and shy.

Eduardo is a long name in itself, but if you still think he is missing something else, see what the best name combinations are for him!

- Eduardo Alejandro. It is one of the favorites of many parents today because it is very masculine and a name that together with Eduardo gives a lot of personality to the one who wears it. Do you like the combination?

- Eduardo Victor. The meaning of this second choice makes all parents want them to go together, and that is that Victor means 'victorious'.

- Eduardo José. It is the name par excellence that is in all families. Look in his family tree because surely some distant relative is named Jose and if not, what are you waiting for to start the tradition!

- Eduardo Ricardo. Like Eduardo, Ricardo is a name that has always been associated with European kings and princes. The union between the two of them is more than perfect!

- Diego Eduardo. Eduardo's name does not always have to go at the beginning, and sometimes you have to take into account the sound of the combination. Of Hebrew origin and very popular in the Middle Ages, it can be an excellent appetizer for Eduardo's name. Does it convince you?

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