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Nicholas. Meaning and origin of the name Nicolás

Nicholas. Meaning and origin of the name Nicolás

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The wait becomes lighter if you start looking for the name for the baby. Before even knowing if it is going to be a boy or a girl, you can weigh the different options in names, if it is going to be a modern or traditional name, a variant in another language, a literary or nature-related name ... There are many the possibilities and Nicolás cannot be missing from the list of names for your baby. It is one of the most beautiful names that maintains the tradition, but appearing with a renewed touch and, do you know what your baby's name means? Nicolás is a name of Greek origin that means 'the victory of the people'so it contains all the strength and energy of success.

To celebrate his name day, write down on December 6, which is the day of Saint Nicholas of Bari, the most famous of the saints that bear this name. We do not want to get ahead of ourselves, but we are talking about the dear Santa Claus or Santa Claus himself, a very Christmas name that will make the celebrations last throughout the month of December.

There are other dates in the saints calendar that mark the onomastics of Nicolás:

- On March 21, San Nicolás de Flüe is celebrated.

- September 10 is the day of San Nicolás de Tolentino.

- June 2 is the name day of San Nicolás de Trani.

- On February 4, the day of Saint Nicholas Studite.

But let's get to know more about that saint who inspired the name of your son and who is also the most loved by children. Saint Nicholas of Bari is the patron saint of sailors, children and researchers. It is especially important in Greece, Bulgaria and Russia and ships that sail the Aegean carry a Saint Nicholas star.

Little is known about the life of Saint Nicholas, but we have some brushstrokes. He was born in Patara (present-day Turkey) in the year 270 from a wealthy family and died in Myra (Turkey) on December 6, 345. Of the fortune he inherited when his parents died, he did not want anything, he distributed it among the most needy and he went to a monastery.

The way in which he became bishop of Myra is very curious. They say that the priests were gathered in the church after the death of the bishop and they said: the next priest who enters the door will be the next bishop. And at that moment Nicolás entered. Despite having carried out most of his activity in this Turkish city, he is known as Nicolás de Bari because he went to Bari (Italy) where they brought his relics.

Where does this bishop fit into the legend of Santa Claus? Actually the tradition of giving gifts or sweets to children in December dates back at least to Roman times, before Saint Nicholas was born. Christianity elevated the figure of this saint and related it to children because certainly Bishop Nicolás used to help the most disadvantaged children of Myra.

From that detail the legend was forged. A loving and good-natured grandfather who made all children happy by surprising them with gifts. Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Uncle Nadal or Olentzero, all reflect in one way or another the figure of Saint Nicholas. Although it was the first Dutch who settled in America who gave the most impetus to this endearing character who is the protagonist of Christmas.

The rumors that a well-known brand of cola was the one that invented Santa Claus are not true, although it is true that he boosted his current appearance dressed in red and white. However, religious representations of Saint Nicholas also show that these colors were commonly used by bishops.

Sometimes it happens that a traditional name does not seem old. And it is the case of Nicolás and all its variants. Nicolás is an elegant name that brings a touch of class and that can be softened with its affectionate diminutive Nico.

In other countries Nicolás becomes Nicola, Nicholas or Nick, Niklaus and the feminine Nicole. There are many famous people who bear this name, some historical, others more popular. Several Russian tsars have been named after your baby and also some current political leaders.

Among the best known characters named Nicolás we highlight the astronomer Nicolás Copernicus or the inventor Nicola Tesla. We do not forget Hollywood with the actors Nicholas Cage or Nick Nolte. And what about the Nicole girl variant?

If the meaning of the name is important in supporting a baby's character and personality, its number is no less important. In numerology Nicolás corresponds to the number 1 and, do you know what that implies?

- Number 1 talks about leadership, something that gets along very well with Nicolás's own meaning when he talks about victory. Based on numerology, your child will be able to better develop adaptation and problem-solving skills, something that will come in handy in life.

Your child seems a born leader, with leadership and organizational skills and we must not forget that the number 1 is the number of beginnings, of beginnings. This leads us to your creativity and intelligence, which will help you develop new projects according to your vital needs. What more could you want? Nicolás has success engraved in its meaning and in its numerology.

In addition to Nicolás, you can choose many other names for boys that begin with the letter N. We leave you some of the most beautiful.

- Naim
This name of Arabic origin and meaning 'serenity' is already on the lists of names for boys in all families. It is forceful for being a short name that says a lot and still remains fresh and original.

- Nahuel
The name is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times, but it has not yet become a frequent name that you hear everywhere. It has a Mapuche origin and means 'tiger', with the connotations of strength that this implies. Isn't it perfect for your child?

- Nestor
It comes directly from the Homeric tradition, so it is a very literary name. It has a Greek origin and its meaning is related to good advice, as we see in a much admired character in The Iliad. We love this name for a boy because it brings personality and despite its tradition it has not been worn down by use.

- Noah
This name is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is related to rest and comfort. It transmits very pleasant sensations and it is also perfect if you want to choose the name before knowing if you are going to have a boy or a girl, since it is unisex.

- Nolan
It is one of our favorite names because it does not suffer from the abuse of fashion and it is always kept with a different touch. He is of Irish origin and means 'champion', just like your kid.

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