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Day of the Virgin of Pilar, October 12. Names for boys

Day of the Virgin of Pilar, October 12. Names for boys

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Pilar is a name for a girl of Latin origin which means 'the one who sustains her own'. It is a charming name for its simplicity and forcefulness that can be perfect for your daughter. Although it is not one of the most frequent names today, it is recovering some of the popularity it enjoyed a few decades ago. Celebrate your name day October 12, which is the day of the Virgen del Pilar.

On October 12, the Day of the Virgin of Pilar. However, one of the most special celebrations takes place in Spain, specifically in the city of Zaragoza (in Aragon). And it is that this virgin is the patron saint of this city and the reason why the patron saint festivities are celebrated. These celebrations are very important throughout the country, to the point that people from other areas come there to experience the festivities.

In Zaragoza it is located the basilica of the Pilar, the most visited in the country after the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. And, despite how huge this temple is, the image of the Virgin is very small. In fact, it is typical to buy a bracelet in the basilica that has the same size as the Virgin.

There are many traditions that take place on October 12 in Zaragoza. The maños or people from Zaragoza come dressed in traditional dress to the large square where the basilica is located. There, they make long lines to bring flowers to the Virgen del Pilar, with which they create an impressive flowery mantle. They also usually give away sweets and eat the delicious (and very sweet) nougat of guirlache, so typical in the area. In addition, processions and concerts are organized.

October 12 is also celebrated the day of the National Holiday of Spain, in homage to Christopher Columbus who on that day in 1492 arrived on the island of Guaraní.

Without a doubt, the most celebrated onomastic on October 12 is that of the Virgen del Pilar. But what about the rest of the days of October? Here is a short list of some of the most important ones.

  • October 2, Holy Angel
  • October 4, Saint Francis of Assisi
  • October 11, Our Lady of Begoña
  • October 13, Santo Eduardo
  • October 15, Santa Teresa
  • October 17, Santa Celia
  • October 18, San Lucas
  • October 19, Santo Joel
  • October 20, Santa Irene
  • October 23, Saint Leonardo
  • October 31, Santo Alonso

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The name Pilar is known all over the world, but its use is almost exclusively limited to the Spanish-speaking sphere. We love its affectionate diminutive Pili and, in any case, we are facing one of those names of always that have not lost freshness or originality and that have gained strength and character.

We know many charismatic women who are named after your daughter. The film director Pilar Miró is unforgettable for us and without leaving the cinema, we find the actresses Pilar Bardem and Pilar López de Ayala. All of them are women of strength, is it because of the name?

As a curiosity about this name, you should know that in some areas of Spain, Pilar is also a name for men. This option is not very common, but it is curious to know that it exists.

Have you ever wondered what number corresponds to Pilar according to numerology? You have to know what the ... 2 is! This figure, which is obtained after adding the values ​​of the letters of the name according to their position in the alphabet, details some characteristics of Pilar's personality. Or, at least, so says numerology!

The number 2 indicates that Pilar is a very generous and cooperative girl. Never deny a help and is always willing to cooperate so that the people around you have it easier. For this reason, he always shares toys with his friends or, at least, it is something he learns as he grows. Despite being a very good friend, she tends to be a bit shy. And it is usually difficult for him to make friends and show himself as he is.

Given her personality, all the parents of a girl named Pilar have to work on emotional intelligence, as well as different values. It is important that we teach them not to get trampled.

And, with what names does Pilar best combine? Next, we leave you a list with the most frequent nicknames when it comes to finding this name in a compound form. If you are expecting the birth of your baby, this little compilation could inspire you to find the ideal name for your girl. Let's go there!

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- Maria del Pilar
Of all the compound names for Pilar, María del Pilar is probably the most frequent. Sometimes, we can hear shortened as Maripili or simply Maripí. Maria is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the chosen one of God'.

- Alba Pilar
Alba is a good name for composing because it is short, only 4 letters. It is a name whose origin is a bit uncertain. What is clear is that it refers to the first moments of the day.

- Andrea Pilar
Do you like this combination of names? Andrea is a name of Greek origin that means 'brave'. Her most special day, the one marked on the calendar of saints for her, is September 25.

- Pilar Aurora
This compound name is very poetic. Aurora is a Latin name that means 'place where the sun rises'. How nice!

- Pilar Valentina
And as we find compound names that convey poise and elegance, we cannot ignore Pilar Valentina. This second name is fashionable in almost all Spanish-speaking countries. Its origin is Latin and, inevitably, refers to bravery.

After learning more about the Virgen del Pilar, whose special day is October 12, and some curiosities of this name for girls, we have come to a conclusion: Pilar is a lovely name for your baby!

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