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Best (and most original) biblical names in 2020 for boys and girls

Best (and most original) biblical names in 2020 for boys and girls

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Whether your pregnancy is just beginning or you are about to see the face of your newborn baby, surely something that you cannot get out of your mind is the name it will bear. Would you like the nickname for your son or daughter to be inspired by the Bible in order to maintain this tradition? Do not stop reading the list of top best biblical names in 2020 for both boys and girls. All of them adorable to more power and full of meaning. Let's see them!

In this small list you will see names of biblical origin, each one with its meaning. If you want to find the right one for your little one, you just have to read them aloud accompanied by the surname, the one that fills your heart with joy will be the one chosen.

1. Isaac
If we look in the Holy Bible we discover that Isaac was a relevant character in the Old Testament, considered the second son of Abraham and Sarah who came into the world when their parents were old. Its most common meaning is 'God's smile'.

2. Levi
Levi is another biblical name suitable for children who will be born in 2020. Levi was the third son of Jacob, so it has Hebrew roots and a meaning that comes to say 'the one who is united to his family'.

3. Isaiah
To speak of biblical names for children in 2020 is to speak of the nickname Isaías, undoubtedly one of the best known characters. It is a masculine name that is still used a lot today and whose meaning is 'my well-being is Christ'.

4. Moses
According to the Holy Scriptures, Moses was the descendant of Amram and Jochebed, who became the Prince of Egypt. The meaning of the masculine nickname Moses is 'he who is rescued from the waters'. A good choice for your baby!

5. Adam
As you well know, according to the Old Testament, Adam was the first man to set foot on Earth at God's command. Considered Patriarch of Israel, he was succeeded some time later by Noah. Its meaning is 'he who is the messenger of God'.

6. Jesus
Jesus is the Savior of humanity, this being the same meaning 'The Savior'. He is a character with a great weight in the Bible because he is the son of Almighty God.

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7. Cain
Cain is a biblical name for boys that will carry a lot of weight in 2020. Cain, son of Adam and Eve and brother of Abel, decided to end his brother's life out of jealousy. Cain means 'he who shapes his destiny'.

8. Jonah
Jonah is also a very prominent character in the Old Testament as he was considered a very wise prophet. Its meaning, literally, is 'dove'.

9. Onan
The biblical character of Onan is unknown to many and yet he had great relevance. Son of Judah and brother of Er, he was destined to marry his wife upon his death. Its meaning is 'strong person'.

When choosing the name for our baby we have to look at its origin and also its meaning, especially if it is about biblical names for girls, it will be so that you can follow this religious tradition as you like. These are some of the female names that continue to ring in 2020.

10. Sara
This is a name for girls with a Hebrew and of course Biblical origin. It comes to mean 'the one they call princess'. As it is written in the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham, that is why she was known as 'the mother of kings'.

11. Esther
This feminine name that can be written both without 'h' and with it comes to mean 'brave woman'. This was his main characteristic in ancient times, courage in addition to faith and concern for his people.

12. Abigail
This proper name sounds one of the sweetest, with good reason we have included it in our list of biblical names for girls in 2020. Abigaíl is a name with a strong religious load that also has its origin in Hebrew; Listed in the Book of Samuel of the Holy Bible, she was also one of King David's wives. Its most popular meaning is 'the joy of the Father'.

13. Dahlia
The feminine name Dalia means 'petite and flirtatious woman'. It is a biblical character from the Old Testament, however, other currents claim that it is a Greek nickname that refers to mythology and its well-known flower.

14. Hanna
Hanna, which can also be written with 'h' at the end (Hannah) is a name for girls that has a biblical root. It has in turn a Hebrew origin and a beautiful meaning: 'favor or grace towards others'.

15. Berenice
Its meaning is 'woman who brings victory, the one who proclaims victory'. It comes from the Greek language. Bernice was known to be the daughter of Herod of Israel. It is an ideal option if you are looking for a very original name for your daughter.

16. Nohemí
The feminine name Nohemí is of Hebrew origin, it can also be written without 'h' interspersed with 'Naomi' and its meaning is 'woman who has all the graces just like Yahweh'. It appears in the Bible as a matron and is thus recorded in the Book of Ruth.

17. Juana
If we look at the meaning of the name Juana from its Hebrew root we see that it is 'the one who decides to be faithful to God'. If we see it from the character that appears in the Holy Bible, we see that it means 'merciful God is with us'. Juana is the feminine form of Juan, a good biblical option if you are going to have a boy.

Now that you have read the complete list of Biblical names in 2020 for boys and girls With their meanings included, we can only ask you, which of them is your favorite?

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