The Legend of the Easter Bunny

The Legend of the Easter Bunny

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The Easter bunny is one of the symbols of Holy Week, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, where it is very typical to give Easter eggs. It is even common to decorate and hide them. This game in which the children have to find the eggs that the Easter bunny has left behind is fun for children on Easter Sunday. But why a rabbit? This is the story of the Easter bunny.

The origin of the Easter rabbit dates back to the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon festivals, when the rabbit was the symbol of fertility and was associated with the goddess Easter, to whom the month of April was dedicated and the honor of the festivities of the spring among the peoples of northern Europe.

With the passage of time, the figure of the Easter rabbit was included and adapted to Holy Week and, from the 19th century, chocolate and sugar figures began to be manufactured in Germany.

One of the favorite figures of the pastry chefs to make chocolate figures was the Easter rabbit, who also brought the colored and chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday or Easter Sunday, because the legend of the Easter rabbit was was getting more and more famous.

This curious legend tells that, when they put Jesus in the tomb that Joseph of Arimathea had given them, there was a hidden rabbit inside the cave, which, very scared, saw how all the people entered, cried and was sad because Jesus had died.

The rabbit stayed there looking at the body of Jesus when they put the stone that closed the entrance and he saw him and he saw him wondering who that Lord would be whom all people loved so much.

So he spent a long time watching it; It happened all day and all night, when suddenly the bunny saw something surprising: Jesus got up and folded the sheets with which they had wrapped him. An angel removed the stone that covered the entrance and Jesus came out of the cave more alive than ever!

The rabbit understood that Jesus was the Son of God And he decided that he had to warn everyone and all the people who were crying, that they no longer had to be sad because Jesus had risen.

Since rabbits cannot speak, it occurred to him that if he brought them a painted egg, they would understand the message of life and joy, and he did.

Since then, legend has it that the rabbit comes out every Easter Sunday to leave colored eggs in every house to remind the world that Jesus was risen and we must live joyfully.

The game of hiding the Easter eggs that the Easter bunny has been leaving in all the houses is fun for children on Easter Sunday. A whole tradition in many places that is celebrated every year. One of the most famous Easter egg games is the one organized at the White House in Washington, USA.

3 tips for playing Easter egg hide and seek with kids:

1. Choose the Easter eggs that the children who are going to participate in the game like the most. Whether dark or white chocolate eggs, filled with candy or not, decorated or painted, etc. Plastic eggs to fill with candy or small toys are also a good alternative.

2. Choose the area, interior or exterior, to limit the search for children. It is important that it is a safe place, without risks for children.

3. To avoid fights and arguments, a good idea is to put names on the eggs. This ensures that all children have their eggs. If a child finds an egg with the name of another child, he will have to give it to his partner. This is also a way to make the child happy when he hands over the egg to which it belongs.

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