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The mobile is not so bad for children and this is how this expert explains it

Today there is a great debate around the use that minors make of mobile phones and tablets. On the one hand, we are parents and teachers trying at all costs not to use these screens and on the other there are them, the children, who do not demand more time to spend leisure time playing a video game or an app. Is mobile really so bad for children? What are the advantages of children entertaining themselves with these devices? We analyze in detail the pros and cons of new technologies with the help of Álvaro Varona, specialist in children's apps.

As I said before, it is going out to the street and listening to mothers and fathers talk about what their children want nothing more than to play with screens. We all agree that boys and girls should have some time a day of non-directed outdoor activity, that they have to read, spend time with the family, play sports and a lot of other things that you already know.

Now, why can't they spend a while a day playing with a mobile or tablet? Shouldn't they also learn to play with a video game or an app? Of course the video game and the app have to be fun but also educational, according to their age and offer added value. In this way they have fun, learn things and parents stop being so worried.

Are mobile and tablet really so bad for children? This is the question we have asked Álvaro Varona, an expert in applications for children. And not only that, but we get into the most fashionable games. Does Fortnite have no benefits for children? And Angry Birds? Álvaro Varona answers these questions and gives us the keys so that we know how to distinguish the apps and online games that are good for our children.

We begin by talking about the word that comes to mind when we think about the use that children make of new technologies. Addiction. It is there that Álvaro Varona insists that more than addiction it is hook, the same that we adults have. How much time do you spend looking at your mobile? Surely more than you would like to recognize and surely also that you look at your mobile a lot with your children by your side. All the more reason for the little ones wanting to handle a device too, don't you think?

Let's go back to the hitch issue; Boys and girls want a mobile phone or tablet to enjoy, that is the first reflection that we have to consider. The screen is one more game that they can access for a while a day, after doing their homework and playing in the park. Is it really that harmful?

Álvaro Varona indicates that it is from 3 years that children can watch the screen for a while either from mobile or television. Until that age they should be kept away, what's more, creators do not design apps for before this age. What happens after 3 years? Well, we can let them play for a while with these devices, always being by their side, choosing a game that is their age and making a correct and responsible use.

It is now that it is time to analyze the good of mobile phones and, how could it be otherwise, talking about video games and apps is making it one of the most demanded today. What are the positive uses of Fortnite? What advantages does the Angry Birds app have for minors?

Usually children's apps are a good tool for the education of children. Álvaro affirms that we are in a moment of exponential transition in technology and that it is a great advance to have a map, an encyclopedia, a compass in the palm of the hand ... Without a doubt it is something new that we must take advantage of for our children either in the field of education or in the field of entertainment. Now, another thing is the use made of the device. Not everything goes. The key is to know the signs to identify a good app or video game:

1. Know the author or creator
How do I know that what I download is good? How do you differentiate a good book from one that is not so good? Álvaro says that you have to pay attention, as we do with a book, in the presence, the author, the publisher. The same thing happens with Apps. "It would be interesting to know the author behind the specific application. This is how you can find a quality app. Learn and investigate to find out who these creators and brands are really worthwhile," explains the expert.

2. Analyze the game or the app itself
For example, the game Fortnite, although it may seem only about shooting, is actually a very communicative game with a very powerful social component in which you must also work as a team. It is about listening to the children and seeing how the game is to decide if it is good or not. For example, did you know that the popular Angry Birds app is ideal for talking about physics? It is a fun game that also educates and explains physics concepts.

3. Accompany the children
And to all this we must add that parents must accompany children in the use of apps, not leave them alone and not allow them to buy anything; it will thus be possible to make good use of them.

If you want to know more about everything that the expert Álvaro Varona told us, do not miss the video with the interview that we have left a little above. He gave us many tips to teach children to make good use of the mobile and offered us the keys to learn to choose the best apps for our little ones.

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