The tears of a father hugging his rainbow baby for the first time

The tears of a father hugging his rainbow baby for the first time

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There is a photo that touched the hearts of the editors of our site and mine especially when I opened the computer this morning. It is about a father crying excitedly while hugging his daughter for the first time. It could be one of many more that are taken daily and with which you come across on Instagram, I know, but this is special. Are the Tears from a father holding his rainbow baby for the first time.

How does a father feel when he embraces his baby for the first time? According to my husband, 'the meaning of life'. And it is that you realize the power that human beings have to create a life. Women are lucky (my partner always blames me for it) to be able to feel him inside of us from the first moment we engender her, but they have to wait until they see the light to create that bond with him (yes that is true that during pregnancy, the future father can talk to his little one, and babies recognize his voice).

It goes without saying that when that son or daughter comes after several losses, a lot of persistence and suffering, the moment becomes unique. And that is what happened to the father we see in the image above. You could not believe that after several abortions and much despair, she was holding her little rainbow baby in her arms.

A photo in which a mixture of feelings can be appreciated: the pain for the baby that did not come into the life of this family before, the joy at being able to squeeze their (finally) first daughter in their hands and the relief and tranquility that everything has gone well.

And this image makes much more sense when you discover the tattoo that the father has on his chest, close to his heart. It was made after the first abortion that his wife suffered and represents the tree of life. Now, his daughter will grow up with him.

The joy of this father was maximum when a year later his wife became pregnant again. As happened in the first pregnancy and delivery, he was by his wife's side at all times and I can even attend the second birth (in this case it was a boy, the first was a girl). It has been a hard process for this great family, but it has been worth it.

The relationship that is established between a father and his daughter is something indescribable. It may be difficult at first, but in most cases the saying that 'the girls belong to the parents' is true. And this is good for both parties, but especially for them.

According to a study published in Harvard Business School where more than 50 parents were recorded with their little ones and their little ones, men change for the better by having a daughter of the female sex more than a male child. Among the positive things it brings to them is the fact that they try harder to be better parents.

Another conclusion of the research says that they spend more time with them - 60% more than if it were a male child - and during this period they talk more about their feelings. On the other hand, by having a girl, they understand their wife more, which greatly improves their relationship with their partner and changes their perspective on life and, above all, how to deal with it.

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