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19 names composed with Manuel for the baby you wait with so much love

19 names composed with Manuel for the baby you wait with so much love

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Congratulations dear mom, now that you know you are expecting a baby, I can tell you with all the love in the world that the great adventure of your life has just begun. Surely you have already started to organize everything even mentally. And I'm sure you've also started to shuffle this or that name, what if you continue with the tradition of choosing a compound name?

Those that start or end with Manuel are beautiful, sweet and full of personality. Therefore, on our site we have compiled a very complete list with the Most beautiful compound names with Manuel for boys. We accompany them of their origin and meaning so that your decision is easier.

Why choose only one name for your baby if you can choose two? Compound names were very fashionable in the past, a tradition that fell into disuse over the years. Until today. Did you know that more and more families are betting on compound names? And they are beautiful and give a lot of play, especially if the first surname is not very long. Read the list of compound names that begin or end with Manuel and choose the one you are most excited about.

If you think so, let's start first of all by knowing the meaning and origin of the male name Manuel. Surely you like it as much or more than we do. Manuel is a classic boy's name wherever there are. It has its origin in the Hebrew words 'Emmanu' and 'El' that mean 'God is with us or among us', 'the man who is at all times with God'. If we look in the Holy Bible we discover that there are several verses that refer to Emmanuel or Manuel and that speak of Jesus Christ. His name day is celebrated on January 1.

What is the personality of the people who have Manuel by name like? If you know someone, surely you have already noticed that They are open, happy, friendly people and always ready to help those around her. Kindness, closeness and understanding are traits that define their way of being.

It's time to see the list of compound names that start with Manuel. Will you find your favorite here?

1. Manuel Luis
Luis's name has Germanic roots, specifically in the term 'Hlodowig'. Its meaning is 'enlightened in battle'. It is a compound name that has a lot of energy and vitality.

2. Manuel Eduardo
Eduardo is a masculine proper name that comes from the Old Saxon term 'Eadweard'. Its meaning is 'guardian of wealth'. Do you like how it sounds next to Manuel? This can be your choice.

3. Manuel Carlos
Carlos is a masculine proper name that takes its root from Latin and has its variant in Spanish. There are experts who believe that its origin is German. What they all agree on is its meaning: 'free man'.

4. Manuel Darío
Darío is a name of Hebrew origin that takes its version of the Latin name 'Darius' and whose meaning is 'the one who maintains good'. It has always been said that those who bear this name are people of bravery and courage.

5. Manuel Pedro
Pedro is a masculine name that comes from the Latin 'Petrus' and which means 'stone'. Pedro is widely used especially in Spain and Latin America.

6. Manuel Antonio
Antonio is a proper name originating from Spain and Italy. It has its origin in ancient Greek and its meaning is 'one who faces his adversaries or brave'.

7. Manuel Eloy
Eloy, also written Eloi, is a proper name that comes from the Latin 'Eligius', whose meaning is 'the chosen one'. It is perfect if your child is going to have a short last name.

8. Manuel Gustavo
Gustavo is a Swedish name that comes from 'Gustav or' Gustaf '. It means 'staff of the Gautas' and lately it is heard a lot in America and Spain.

9. Manuel Tomás
Tomás is a name that comes from the term 'thoma or theoma' and which comes to mean 'Twin'. The Apostle Thomas has a great presence in biblical history, on the other hand, Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron of the students.

10. Manuel Jesus
The name of Jesus comes from its equivalent in Aramaic 'Yeshua' and means 'The Savior' since in the Bible Jesus is the one who comes to save humanity. It is a classic compound name that does not go out of style.

If you have not made up your mind yet, you may find the answer in a compound name that ends with Manuel.

11. Victor Manuel
Victor is a proper name of Latin origin that means 'the victor or successful person'. Those who bear this name are familiar, loving people and inseparable from their friends.

12. Oscar Manuel
The origin of the name Óscar is found in the Germanic language, although there are experts who claim that its etymological origin is not defined. The meaning that both give it is 'The spear of the Lord'. If you combine it with Manuel, it turns out a most charming compound name.

13. Jaime Manuel
Jaime is a name for boys that comes from Hebrew. In turn, it is one of the variants of the biblical name Jacob. Its meaning is 'held by the heel, the one that substitutes'.

14. Gabriel Manuel
Gabriel is a masculine name of Hebrew origin considered to be of heavenly origin. Its meaning is 'Force of God, man of God'. It is a name that never goes out of style and that is very beautiful if accompanied by Manuel.

15. Cristhian Manuel
The name Cristian or Cristhian is of Greek origin, its meaning is 'Christian, follower of Christ'. This can be your choice!

16. Jose Manuel
José is a biblical name of Hebrew origin, it has its roots in Latin, specifically in the terms 'Ioseph, Iosephus', the first of which means 'Yavhé has erased' and the second 'that Yavhé adds'.

17. Alejandro Manuel
Etymologically the name Alexander comes from the Greek and comes to say 'He who protects man'. It can also be translated into Spanish as 'the protector'. It is a name that admits many variants such as Álex, Alexander or Alejandro.

18. Juan Manuel
The name Juan means 'The man who is faithful to God', it comes from Hebrew and there are already many families who choose to accompany him with the name Manuel.

19. Roberto Manuel
Roberto is a masculine name with origin in the Germanic language. It means 'Popular boy, splendid, victorious'. It is widely used in certain European regions.

Are you already sure which of these names composed with Manuel is going to be the one your baby will wear? How exciting!

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