9 Halloween movies to watch with children on an almost mandatory basis

9 Halloween movies to watch with children on an almost mandatory basis

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Halloween is synonymous with having fun and we have many fun things to prepare: costumes, terrifying recipes, decorations and more decorations that are scary just by looking at them and, of course, choosing a movie to enjoy as a family. Can you think of a better way to celebrate October 31 than by watching a movie on the couch next to your children? Not us, that's why we have made a most spooky selection with the best Halloween movies for kids, with titles from yesterday and today. You won't know which one to decide on!

Halloween is a party that the little ones in the house like a lot, that is why parents and teachers are so determined that they enjoy it to the fullest. So, if you have not yet got down to work, put all your imagination on the table and prepare the costumes to enjoy the most terrifying night of the year. What can we do to end the day? Well, watch a scary movie with the children. Look at the ones that we propose here and choose the one you like the most. Your little ones won't be able to say no to you!

1. 'Casper', year 1995
Universal Pictures. Genre: fantastic, adventure, comedy.

Do you remember the beloved movie 'Casper'? You have surely seen it more than once and more than two. After moving into a huge mansion, a young woman meets a little ghost in distress. And it is that the other bigger and more evil ghosts do not leave poor Casper alone. The young woman decides to help him and give the mischievous ghosts what they deserve. Laughter and adventures are guaranteed.

2. 'Monsters S.A.' year 2001
Walt Disney Pictures. Genre: comedy, animation.

The company Monsters S.A is dedicated to giving children scares at night, because they give energy to make the city work. As 'scarers' are some crazy characters who think it is the best of jobs, until one day they meet a little girl who makes them change their minds. If you have not yet enjoyed watching this movie with your children, this is the time to do it.

3. 'Bibi the Little Witch and the Secret of the Blue Owls', year 2004
Bavaria Filmverleih. Genre: fantasy, adventure.

Little Bibi has gotten into a lot of trouble, so much thinking about magic has made her neglect her studies in the end. So her family has decided to send her to spend the holidays in a castle. As expected, our friend Bibi doesn't quite like the idea. Will he turn to magic potions to get his way?

4. 'Monster House: The House of Scares', year 2006
Sony Pictures Home. Genre: adventure, animation, comedy.

It turns out that there is a residence that is truly a living creature seeking to make its own. Three brave children discover it, of course nobody believes them when they try to ask adults for help. What will happen when it's Halloween? You'll have to watch the Halloween movie to find out!

5. 'The worlds of Coraline', year 2009
Universal Pictures. Genre: animation, mystery, fantasy.

This is one of the best movies to watch with children on Halloween as it is based on the best-seller by Neil Gaiman. This children's film is about a little girl who feels lonely, everything changes when one day she discovers a secret door and a whole parallel world inside it. Will Coraline be able to face her fears and return home?

6. 'Frankenweenie', year 2012
Walt Disney. Genre: anime, horror, fantasy.

Victor Frankenstein carries out a crazy and somewhat dangerous experiment to try to bring his beloved Sparky back to life, things don't turn out the way he wanted and crazy situations don't take long to appear. A film that captures from the first minute to the last.

7. 'The amazing world of Norman', year 2012
Focus Features. Genre: animation, comedy.

Norman lives in a small town that is very quiet. One day, and without warning, he is invaded by zombies. As it happens, Norman, who until then had gone unnoticed, has the amazing ability to talk to the dead. Now he only has to find the formula for the zombies to return to their rightful place.

8. 'Hotel Transylvania', year 2012
Sony Pictures Animation. Genre: animation, horror and fantasy comedy.

Let me tell you what, this is one of my favorite movies so I will tell my son to watch it together this Halloween. How exciting! Don't you know what it's about? Well, nothing less than a luxurious resort hotel in which all the monsters that have been and may have spent as long as they wish. Can you imagine what can happen if Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and their friends stay in the same hotel? You do not want to miss it!

9. 'Nightmares: Chills, a haunted night', year 2018
Columbia Pictures. Genre: horror, action, comedy.

Sonny and Sam are two children who really want to have fun. One afternoon they meet a somewhat peculiar mannequin named Slappy who has the evil intention of resurrecting his friends the monsters that live Halloween. As things are scary, the monsters want to take over the town where Sonny and Sam live.

Have you already chosen the movie you are going to see this Halloween? Perfect! Turn off your mobile, sit next to your children and get ready to have a great time.

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