9 ingenious bat activities for kids on Halloween

9 ingenious bat activities for kids on Halloween

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I have always liked bats, although more than one of them gave me a 'crazy' look when they heard me say it. I have never understood why they are painted as bloody and dirty beings, when in reality they are the sea of ​​friendly. Every Halloween he becomes the kings of the party. Therefore, this time I bring you a compilation with the best bat activities for Halloween.

We started this compilation of bat activities for your Halloween party with children proposing some crafts. They are very simple creations to carry out and, in most cases, they use recycled materials. In addition to decorating your home on Halloween, making crafts with children is the perfect excuse for them to practice their concentration, attention and fine psychomotrocity.

Also, while you create these bats, you will have a great time together and will be building very positive family memories. We get to work!

1. A fearsome cardboard bat
This homemade bat cannot be missing as a decoration for your Halloween party. To do this, you need materials as easy to find as toilet paper rolls, white glue, cardboard and paints. In Guiainfantil.com we love crafts that recycle materials that were going to end up in the trash, as they are an excuse to teach children the need to reuse and recycle.

2. A pom-pom bat!
Pompoms go a long way ... even to make fun (and fluffy) wool bats. Don't miss out on this craft in which we teach you how to create the cutest bat for Halloween step by step. Also, following this technique you can make pumpkins, ghosts ... Don't wait any longer and go buy some wool.

3. An origami bat
Origami is very fun entertainment, and even though it may seem like it, it is not that complicated to do. Follow the step by step with calm and attention ... and you will have a terrifyingly beautiful origami bat!

4. Bat mobile and coffin to scare everyone
Often the best Halloween parties are the ones with the best decorations. So that yours is not left behind, we suggest you make this fearsome mobile with bats and coffin. To carry it out, you only need black cardboard, white thread and golden colored foam ... It will be spooky!

5. Garland for your Halloween party
Since we are not going to capture a colony of bats to keep them at home (poor things!), With this craft we can have our own animals on the roof. This garland that we propose is a very inexpensive, but attractive, way to decorate Halloween parties. Take good note! To make your bats you need some egg cups, rope and paints.

In addition to crafts, in Guiainfantil.com We have many more ideas to fill your Halloween party with bats. Therefore, below we propose stories, recipes and other activities about bats so that children enjoy the party like never before.

6. Halloween cookies, terrifyingly tasty!
Halloween is also a time to get down to business and create scrumptious recipes like these bat-inspired cookies. You can see that it is a very simple recipe to make and that it has ingredients that are very easy to get. In addition, cooking them as a family will give you the opportunity to have a great time with your family.

7. The Mexican tale of the bat
Does your child usually like legends a lot? On the occasion of Halloween, we bring you a typical Mexican legend in which the protagonist is our beloved vampire with wings. It tells of a bat that wanted to be a bird, with its wings full of feathers. When he finally succeeded, all the animals admired his beauty, which made the little bat look a bit arrogant.

8. Fable of a bat and the weasels
This is a well-known Aesop fable that tries to show children why it is so important to learn to adapt to the circumstances that come our way. Being versatile and flexible often guarantees your survival, as in this story starring a weasel and a bat.

9. Bat makeup for Halloween
And one of the most important parts of any Halloween party is the costumes. If this year your children are going to dress up as bats, you have to learn how to make up to match. And it's not that complicated! It just takes a little patience and practice.

So much talk about bats, we cannot leave without learning some curiosities about bats, because they are amazing creatures. Therefore, below we have compiled some of the most incredible curiosities about this animal. You can memorize them and tell them to your children while you enjoy the activities that we have talked about before. You are sure to get him a bit of the Halloween spirit.

- They are many and different
There are over a thousand different types of bats. Some of them are so small that they weigh just over 1 gram. But others are much larger, more than 1 kilo!

- We all have bats
There are bats on each and every continent. For this reason, even if you don't see them, they are there, close to you.

- Not everything is blood
Most bats feed on insects, fruit, and seeds. The occasional nibble at an animal, but they are the least!

- They are the loudest
Despite how small they are, bats can be very very noisy. So when you come across a colony of bats, cover your ears!

- They are guided by ultrasound
As they do not have very good eyesight and tend to move at night, bats use high frequency ultrasounds, that is, we cannot hear them, to guide themselves. You can read more about the echolocation of bats in this article published by the scientific journal Current Biology. The way bats move is compared to that of whales. Wow!

- An exciting name
Did you know that the word 'bat' has all the vowels? Can you think of any other questions that meet this requirement?

Now that we know so many activities and curiosities about bats, we can only enjoy Halloween with the children.

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