11 achievements that children surprise us with before they turn 3 years old

11 achievements that children surprise us with before they turn 3 years old

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They say that it is just at 3 years when babies stop being babies to become small children almost by magic. And it is that they grow so fast that no matter how much you look at them all the time you always have the feeling that you are missing something, right? To catch those precious moments in our minds, let's make a list of some of the achievements with which children surprise us before they turn 3 years old. We start it and you add as many more things as you can think of. Let's go there!

Many of them are hilarious things like dancing, making up words, or finger painting on a sheet (and what isn't a sheet). And others will be things that pose a challenge like starting to put down the diaper and do the same with the pacifier. Be clear that it is a guideline, each child follows his rhythm and there will be those who do it a little before and those who do it a little later. Shall we start?

1. Pee and poop alone
When should the baby's diaper be removed? In general, it is usually tried around two and a half years, when it is already seen that it is ready and when it starts to get hot so that when it gets wet it does not get cold. Not all children may completely put off their diapers before the age of three, least of all at night, but they do begin to experience peeing and pooping alone in the bathroom or on the potty before that age . How quickly they get older!

2. Finger painting
Paint with your fingers on the folio, on the table, on your clothes or even on the walls if you get lost. Staining their hands with watercolor and painting on a surface is something they are passionate about. So let him enjoy and be patient when it's your turn to collect everything. By the way, painting with crayons and markers is another activity that they like a lot and that has a lot of advantages for their development and learning.

3. Interact with other children
When children are very babies they do not care if there is a toy or a friend next to them. And it is that at these ages they do not understand playing with anyone else or paying attention more than their parents. When they are about to turn three, things change. Meeting a friend in the park and playing with him is the best of experiences.

4. Make home experiments and put everything lost
Do you know that if you put a few colored candies on a plate and add water little by little, you will have a nice rainbow? Homemade experiments like this one will become the favorites of children who are not yet 3 years old. Needless to say, they are going to turn everything upside down.

5. Putting down the pacifier, a challenge!
Do you know at what age my son left his beloved pacifier? Well, when I was almost, I was almost 4 years old. I know, I know it is better to leave it before 3 so it does not hurt the teeth. I will tell you that, to prevent him from having a bad time, what we did was leave it for him only a little while at night so that he could catch the sleep and then we would take it off so that he would not use it throughout the night. Perhaps this can be a good rule for before the age of three, to leave the pacifier at least a little bit.

6. It's bath time, but this time with mom or dad
Have you already had a relaxing bubble bath with your little one? Okay, you're right, there is nothing relaxing about it. Rather, it will be a super fun bath in which water toys, laughter and pampering are more than welcome.

7. Dance, dance and dance
Put on a nice song at home and dance in the middle of the room. You will see who does not take long to accompany you. Dancing like there is no tomorrow is another thing that all children do before they turn three and that you cannot miss under any circumstances. What an adorable moment!

8. Sort your toys, finally!
Surely since your baby started walking and picking up toys at will, you have said the phrase more than once: 'put the toys in the box'. Well it will be before three years when your prayers will be heard. About that age, ordering everything is a wonderful game that also has the great reward of seeing mom and dad smile. Surely you know this song by heart.

9. Throw everything they have around them, especially when they are angry
At what age do children begin to show their character? Well, at a very early stage, my baby has been throwing everything she catches for a while, either for the pleasure of looking for it later with her eyes or because she is angry and has to show it in some way. The fact is that it is something that without a doubt everyone will do before the age of 3.

10. The nonsense game, you won't be able to stop laughing!
In the 2-year checkup they will tell you if your child already knows how to say two-word sentences. If not, don't worry, it won't take long to do it, and it won't take long to play the nonsense game that consists of putting together two or three words that have nothing to do with it. Play you too and you will see how much fun.

11. Be ashamed if someone unknown says something to you
My daughter is one and a half years old and loves to wave 'hi' to everyone she sees on the street. It is his newly acquired skill and he can't stop putting it to use. Now, next year she sure won't say 'hello' even if they say it to her. Why? Well, for the shame that always makes an appearance at those ages.

And to complete the list of things that children do before the age of 3 we have to talk about the farts, those that are accompanied by a few laughs, touching the palms as a sign that they are happy and the most emotional of all Say I love you to your parents!

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