Not alone, yes together. Browse the Internet with your child

Not alone, yes together. Browse the Internet with your child

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The Internet is a two-sided coin in the education of children. It can be an excellent means through which to grow, learn, find, know, advance ... but it is also a place that is not without its dangers, where a child without attention or surveillance is exposed both to content not suitable for him and to harassment of malicious people.

Let's be honest, who has not left the child with the tablet or smartphone because he had to hang clothes, prepare dinner or make a call. Normally nothing happens, the child sees the pictures we have selected, plays with an application we know or listens to nursery rhymes. And is that On the Internet there are many very useful resources for children that help them with their learning and stimulate them:

- School reinforcement exercises to review mathematics, language or languages.

- Songs and stories that, in addition to entertaining, teach children.

- Games and applications that stimulate memory, logic or attention.

But, what happens if during our distraction the children leave the pages or games that we have put for them?

- Children have very easy access to sites that are not appropriate for them either because they are violent, pornographic or simply contain information that they are not able to assimilate.

- They will access that type of flashy and misleading ads that bombard some pages

- They can try to register in contests or pages where they ask for personal data.

- Out of curiosity or because they have heard it from older children, they could enter social networks or online contact places where they expose themselves to the dangers of contacting strangers.

How to avoid all these dangers? The main way is to limit its use, children as a priority should develop social skills, play in the street and have fun with other children. It is not necessary for the child to grow up with a tablet in their hands.

However, for those times when it is positive that they use a tablet or smartphone, we must apply parental filters and always try to be with them while browsing. And is that, these devices are not babysitters and parents are responsible for the time our children spend on the Internet.

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