Short fables for children that will make you think about 2019

Short fables for children that will make you think about 2019

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Fables are short stories that are passed from generation to generation. They are very varied stories with a special touch at the end: they keep a message to reflect on. This makes them a powerful tool that many parents use to educate in values to his children. We have made you a selection with the best fables to read to children in this 2019.

Through the reading of stories or fables, the child develops his creativity, activates his imagination and discovers that there is a parallel world full of fantasy and where there is no limit to invent funny characters or stories.

Not to mention the benefits that this activity has for their development: it increases their vocabulary, improves their oral and comprehension skills and, if they do it in the company of their father or mother, the bond between everyone will be strengthened. Shall we start? Take note of short fables to read in 2019.

The protagonists of this fable, a hare and a tortoise, always argued to see who was the faster of the two. The former was overconfident in his chances, so much so that he completely relaxed, while the latter was consistent and ended up winning the race. A story that contains valuable reflections that adults and children must bear in mind in our daily lives: the constant, tenacious and persevering are those who win the race of life.

Through this short fable, which tells the story of a witch who has many clients to whom she sells a lot of magic potions and 'effective' incantations, we learn that we must know how to detect those people who stand in front of our path and intercede to promise us solve all our problems, but, curiously, they are unable to cope with the ones they have.

The story of these two mice is one of the favorites of parents, because it allows them to make their children see that not the one who has the most is not always the happiest and that, in most cases, happiness is based on the simplicity of things, like being with the beings you love and with the little things you have achieved through effort. Thisshort fable tells the life of two mice, one rich and courteous but who lives all day scared and fears to maintain his status, and the second, poor and peasant who, despite having no luxuries, is happy with his life. You, which one do you prefer?

Aesop was a famous Greek writer who, through the writing of his short fables, I wanted to show powerful and universal teachings to everyone who heard, told or read them. One of his most famous fables is the story of 'The Fox and the Woodcutter', where the message is transmitted that you have to be consistent with your actions and with your words, and not lie because, in the end, they will end up catching you.

Another of the great authors of short fables of all time in Fontaine. Most of his stories are starring animals. 'The Cicada and the Ant' is a short fable about the rewards of constant work and, above all, effort. In this case, the ant spends the whole year gathering produce to get through a winter without problems, while the cicada is dedicated to 'enjoying' its time. Organize your time, divide it so that you can do everything you want and do not trust that things will fix themselves.

Tolerance, diversity and respect for differences are just some of the values ​​transmitted by the short fable from 'Laura changes the city'. But reading this story will also serve as an excuse to talk with your children about what friendship is for them, the things they experience every day at school and the emotions they experience every morning. Are they happy, sad or happy?

"Never try to please and look good with everyone. It will be impossible", this is the main message that we can extract from the short fable from 'The father and the two daughters', a story that will also teach the elderly that educating our children and trying to please them in everything is not always easy. What to do if one of you asks you to go to the park on the same day and the other to stay home and watch TV? Sometimes fate decides for you!

The fable of 'The horse and the ass' is a wonderful story to read to your children in 2019, 2020 or 2030 because it perfectly reflects the consequences of being selfish and denying help to others when they need it. Do not expect a round and happy ending, but do expect a message of reflection to work on empathy and the fact of putting ourselves in the shoes of the other.

Choose the short fable What catches your attention the most, find a moment when all of you are calm and share with your child this great moment of fun and learning. We even encourage you to establish a small 'debate' once the story is over to see what he has understood and what message he is left with. You may see things that you, as an adult, miss!

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