The cook on Christmas Eve. Christmas story for children

The cook on Christmas Eve. Christmas story for children

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This is a tale of a cook who had to prepare a tasty and delicious dinner for Christmas night. He was a creative and eager cook, always coming up with brilliant ideas. But this year, as I had worked a lot, I could not find the inspiration for the Christmas Eve dinner.

If you want to know what happens with the cook at christmas, read this Christmas story to your child, and together you can find out what measures the cook in this story will take.

This cautionary tale tells the story of a cook that he had to prepare a delicious and tasty Christmas Eve dinner. He always came up with brilliant ideas, but he had worked so hard in the previous months that he was not at all inspired, he lost his imagination at such an important time of year.

He spent the day coming up with Christmas menus, but none of them could satisfy him. And between menu and discarded menu, Christmas Eve arrived. So tired was the cook that he fell fast asleep at the kitchen table surrounded by books and recipe notebooks.

In his dreams, he saw himself turned into Santa Claus, with a bulging sack over his shoulder and traveling aboard a sleigh that glided pulled by an invisible force, without deer or reindeer. He did not know where it was going but it seemed that the sled did know where it was going.

Finally, the sleigh stopped at the door of a rustic little house in the woods, from whose chimney an immaculate and warm white smoke escaped. She knocked on the door and it was immediately opened, but no one appeared behind her. The cook walked in and found a room decorated with Christmas decorations, which gave him a deep and tender feeling of home.

There was a burning fireplace that lit the whole room with its flames and several socks hung from it they were waiting to be filled with gifts. In the center of the dining room there was a cozy table, with lighted candles and with everything ready to be covered with delicious delicacies. In the little house there was no one but, nevertheless, he felt accompanied by invisible presences.

He put the bag down on the floor and his heart began to beat rapidly and his hands trembled as he opened the bag that he did not know what it contained, sitting in a soft armchair by the fireplace. The first thing that appeared was a beautiful tureen with a comforting cream soup, made with a whole hen, garnished with tiny cubes of its breast.

He lifted the lid and a wave of scent-laced steam fogged his glasses. Afterwards, a golden and almost liquid Camembert cheese baked in the oven, with aromas of garlic and white wine, accompanied by a crunchy bread made his mouth fill with water; he buried his nose in it and laid it on the table.

His third find was a leg of pork stuffed with prunes and smoked bacon, which was accompanied by endless garnishes, each more appetizing: creamy mashed potatoes flavored with garlic oil and mustard, sweet and sour sauces and irresistible chutneys, compote of apple with vinegar and honey ... dreamy !.

He placed the huge platter in the center of the table and breathed in the intense aromas that this symphony of culinary contrasts offered. In one corner of the living room, he noticed a side table set up for desserts and there he placed a crunchy apple and walnut strudel and a spectacular marzipan eel, a glass candy box that housed a delicious Christmas compote with Port and an unusual ice cream of polvorones.

He could hardly believe what was happening, he was overcome with emotion. The menu was coming to an end and he understood that it was time to leave that warm little house, to let its inhabitants enjoy in the privacy of the exquisite meats that he had brought in his sack.

He thought that the delicacies would get cold if they did not do so soon, but he understood that the heat, material and spiritual, that invaded each and every corner of the room would take care of keeping them at the right temperature. As a final touch to your visit, filled the fireplace socks with marzipan figurines, polvorones and nougats, which would undoubtedly delight children ... and even less children.

He was awakened by the gurgling of a broth that he had left on the fire and which threatened to overflow the pot. It was already early morning, but he still had time to get down to work and prepare the menu for the little house in the woods. The invisible force that guided the sled it was nothing but love that the cook felt for the world of cooking.

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