The imprisoned worm. Children's story about changes growing up

Many children find it difficult to accept the changes their bodies undergo as they grow and develop. There are some who do not like to be taller and taller, others who do not accept that hair begins to grow on their faces ... childish story, which talks about changes as they grow up, is for all of them.

The imprisoned worm it is the story of a worm who does not like to have turned into a butterfly. It is a story for children that you should read with your child to make him reflect on the subject.

The worm was so used to living inside the box that it didn't want or need to get out at all. He ate and slept how much he wanted; she walked, played, and entertained herself by weaving a cocoon to keep warm in the cold and harsh winter.

The heat gradually receded and, as he had planned, he got into bed to be warmer. He finished weaving what was left of the fluffy cocoon and lay there, asleep, very comfortable.

One morning he woke up and felt hot. He thought it was time to get out of there. He pushed and pushed with all his might, and in doing so realized that wings had grown. He looked very surprised.

- What do I want wings for? - He said aloud.

Without knowing how to use his new appendages, and with his new appearance, I continue to be locked in the box, very upset now because the wings were getting in his way, they brushed everywhere and I didn't know where to hide them.

A fly flew by and said:

- Butterfly, why don't you go fly?

He looked at her confused and replied:

- Is to me? - I think you are wrong- I am a worm.

After a while a wasp passed by and said:

- Butterfly, are you coming to fly?

- I am a worm! - He replied this time a little surprised - I can't fly!

- Hello butterfly! - He was greeted by another butterfly that was passing by.

- Are you coming to fly with me? I know a beautiful garden near here.

- I am a worm; not a butterfly. What happens to everyone today?

Then the butterfly went down to the box and explained:

- You used to be a worm. Then you wrapped yourself in a cocoon, remember? - He continued speaking.

- Later you were a chrysalis and now you have become a butterfly.

- Now you can fly! - He said happy to make this wonderful discovery; but he was wrong.

The butterfly did not want to fly. It stayed inside the box where it had always been. She ate as much as she wanted, she slept what she wanted, she walked with her annoying wings and, being able to be free, she preferred to remain imprisoned.

As we said, this children's story can be an excuse to talk with your child about the changes he is undergoing or is going to undergo as he grows up. You have to send him the message that even though he gets older, he will still be the same person.

But also, this curious story can help you practice reading comprehension. We propose a series of questions that you should ask him once you have read the text. They will allow you to check if you have understood what you have read and if you have managed to get the message.

1. Where did the worm live?

2. Why did others call him 'butterfly'?

3. What skill had he acquired now that he didn't have before?

4. What do you decide to do in the end? Get out of the box or stay?

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