39 very funny Christmas sayings. Christmas phrases for children

39 very funny Christmas sayings. Christmas phrases for children

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Sayings are short phrases with a lot of meaning that have been passed from generation to generation. His words contain a small popular teaching, sometimes a bit mischievous, which has become popular in different regions of the world. Some of these Christmas phrases are very funny for children, since they often rhyme or talk about a funny topic.

In we have collected some very funny christmas sayings that will make your children laugh. Teach your little ones these popular sayings to share with their friends while they have a good time.

Sayings can be very useful tools for children's education, as they are an example of how they should act in certain situations. On the other hand, they also allow them to know other realities far away from them. Parents can teach popular sayings to children, but in this case, the best teachers are going to be grandparents and their great wisdom.

Take note of these funny sayings that talk about different situations or beliefs related to the Christmas period.

1. From Christmas to Christmas, only one year goes

2. At Christmas, each sheep to its corral

3. On Christmas Eve and Christmas, the hottest embers are

4. If on Monday is Christmas, riches you will find

5. Christmas on Tuesdays, parties everywhere

6. Until the Child is born, neither hunger nor cold

7. New Year; new life

8. Christmas is sharing and donating

9. You come home for Christmas like nougat

10. Do not praise or delabor until seven Christmases

11. Each turkey gets its Christmas

Sayings also contain moral teachings. And is that many of these Christmas phrases speak of values ​​such as family love and generosity. These sayings are especially true for Christmas and all the magic that surrounds them.

11. Christmas, better at home and near the grill

12. Who you see in espadrilles for Christmas, do not ask how they are doing

13. On the day of Epiphany, the stars are seen at noon

14. For Kings, come the dawn the oxen

15. For Christmas, blessed is the one who returns home

16. For Easter lamb meat, for Christmas chicken coop

17. For Christmas, save the home

18. Christmas oven has no rest

19. For Santa Julieta, the rain more than give away. Through Santa Lucia a step of a flea, through Three Wise Men, a donkey who does not appreciate it and through San Antonio a step of a demon

20. The rabbit for Saint John and the partridge for Christmas

21. The bream for Christmas and for San Silvestre, the champagne

22. After Santa Andrea, take the pig for the sea; If you can't take it, until Christmas let it be

In most cases, sayings speak of everyday reality. Hence, many Christmas sayings are related to meteorology. The wisdom of the elderly has been captured in popular sayings, which try to predict what the weather will be like in the following months based on certain guidelines of nature.

On the other hand, sayings can also help children to get closer to realities that, although before they were everyday, are increasingly strange to us. This is the case, for example, of working the land, which has been reflected in many popular sayings.

23. When the Child is born, it is cold

24. Year of snows, year of goods

25. One month before and one after Christmas, it's real winter

26. The cold can come in suddenly, between Christmas and the Innocents

27. From All Saints to Christmas, either rain or freeze

28. When the Lord dies and is born, the time of demons is

29. Garlic for Christmas, neither born nor to be sown

30. Christmas on Friday, sow where you can

31. If for Christmas sun; for Easter, coal

32. All the Saints announce with truth what is going to happen at Christmas

33. Christmas on Sunday, sell the oxen and put it in wheat

And finally, in we propose some sayings for kids in other languages. It is curious to see that different languages ​​share some set phrases that speak of the same thing. Just like songs, sayings are a great tool for your child to practice other languages ​​while having fun. We have collected some sayings in French, German or English, but there are sayings in all languages!

34. Noël sans neige fait bon air; Noël neigeux fait bon hiver (French. Christmas without snow is good. Christmas without snow, winter is good)

35. Christmas comes but once a year (English. There is only one Christmas a year)

36. Assim as vires or tempo of Santa Luzia ao Natal, assim will be or year more at the final month. (Portuguese. As the time of Santa Lucia comes to Christmas, so the year will be month by month until the end)

37. In Nadal els jocs i per Pasqua els focs (Catalan. At Christmas the games and at Easter the fires)

38. Between Santos and Natal casual winter (Galician. Between Santos and Christmas, winter is real)

39. Einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul (German. Don't look at his tooth on a gift horse)

What else Christmas sayings do you say in your family? Tell us in the comments and share your traditions with the rest of our readers.

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