The witch. Short Fables for Children

The witch. Short Fables for Children

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Fables are stories that contain a moral or teaching. For this reason, these stories are ideal for us to read to children since, in addition to entertaining them, we can educate them with that teaching that these stories try to transmit.

This short story is entitled The Witch and aims to teach children that there are people who promise a lot but do not deliver anything. It is about learning to be cautious with those people who promise wonders and extraordinary things and are not capable of governing their own.

Once upon a time there was a witch who made a living selling spells and formulas to calm the wrath of the gods.

With this promise the witch did not lack clients and made large amounts of money from this way of life.

But one day she was accused of going against the law and was brought before the country's supreme judges.

Thus, after a very short trial, they blamed her and had her sentenced to death.

Seeing her leave the courtroom, one of the people present told her:

- Witch, you who claimed to be able to deflect the anger of the gods, how could you not persuade men?

Moral: you have to be careful with those who promise to solve any problem you have in exchange for money but are unable to fix theirs.

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