How to teach a child not to be irresponsible

Children need to learn to behave in the world around them as well as to be guided correctly. A child is not born with all the learned social norms nor is he born knowing what behavior is appropriate for his good or for society.

Learning not to be irresponsible is an essential that cannot be lacking in the education of children, only in this way can they become successful adults.

But teaching children not to be irresponsible is the responsibility of the parents. It must start when children are very young so that it is recorded for a lifetime. At some point in life, the children will stop living at home and will become independent, and although this seems far away right now, it is certain that it will happen, and for things to go well, they will have to internalize the responsibility for their actions and their thinking.

If a child is taught from an early age to be responsible, as an adult he will have no problem initiating a transition from dependency to independence. Responsibility is a character trait that guides us in everything we do, say, and think throughout our lives. Remember that children are not born learned and must learn the skills to function in society, and that also means learning not to be irresponsible. But how to do it?

1. Start when your children are small
Don't wait until your child is a teenager for him to 'magically' know what and how to do it.

2. Do not help him in everything, better guide him
Do not help him to do everything he has to do, your child must have the responsibility to know what his responsibility is, and if he is not able to fulfill it, he will have to bear the consequences. Do not repeat things a thousand times, let him be the one to decide, so he will feel valued.

3. Show him the way
As children are not born learned, you will have to teach them how to do things and what is expected of them. For example, if your daughter always throws her dirty pants on the floor, put a laundry basket in her bedroom.

4. Be a good role model
If you want your children not to be irresponsible, you will have to be a good role model.

5. Use the word: 'we'
If when you do an action that you want your children to learn, when you do it you use the word 'we' they will learn it faster. For example; 'Since we have already finished eating, now we collect the dishes and put them in the sink.'

You will also have to remember to praise them when they do things well, be realistic and expect responsibilities according to the age of your children, do not give rewards to teach responsibility in housework, create a routine and above all teaches the consequences of their actions (For example, if your daughter doesn't put her sneakers in her backpack, she won't be able to play sports, don't put them in ... the next day she won't forget them).

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