How to introduce your child to hiking

How to introduce your child to hiking

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If your thing is the routes through nature, walking the mountains and going to collect mushrooms in autumn, you do not have to give it up because you have just become a father; you just have to change the way you do things. You will surely be able to live a totally different and just as beautiful experience. Now you can rediscover the mountain through the eyes of your child.

In We leave you some tips to introduce your child to the beautiful world of hiking.

1- At first use a backpack
If it's a baby, use an ergonomic backpack and go for little walks. Later you can move on to the baby carrier, even if you do not have great ambitions regarding the route, the important thing is that the child has a good time and finds the experience as something positive. If you see him start crying, make stops for him to play.

2- be patient
At first the child may get tired and do not want to walk more than a few meters. Be patient, the important thing is that he learns to enjoy the road. Now everything is a discovery and you will love seeing bugs, digging holes in the ground, or looking at flowers. Look through their eyes, it is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have with them.

3.- Prepare the route in advance
Adapt it to your age and see that it may have something that may interest you; for example going to pick blackberries, chestnuts, go to see a waterfall or bathe in a pool, that will motivate you to keep walking.

4- Be positive
Although they have more resistance than us, many times the road bores them, so you must use your imagination to entertain them. Try to constantly transmit positivity to them, do not give up, or scold them or that will turn the experience negative. Draw on your repertoire of stories, or make them up on the fly, songs, stories ... and bring some cookies or treats to entertain them along the way.

5- Show them nature
If you know anything about birds or plants, show them. Children are naturally curious and will want to know many things about the road.

6- Let them make decisions
Let them take the reins a few times and get involved along the way. Give them the map and show them how to guide themselves through the milestones. Let them choose the path from time to time, and even get lost, and then teach them how to find the correct route again.

7.- Set an example
Children copy everything, so you must convey the importance of respecting nature. Do not go off the trails, do not throw garbage in the field or pick flowers. One important thing is that you should not throw garbage in the field, even if it is organic (the typical orange peel or an apple), think that many hikers are after you who will do the same, and the field cannot degrade so much garbage in such a short time So I imagine the next time you stop to rest, you wouldn't want to sit on top of the wreckage of the previous hiker.

8- Don't be in a hurry, take your rhythm
The important thing is the path itself, not reaching the end, like life itself!

9- Don't improvise
Load your backpack with plenty of water, a first-aid kit, food for the road, carry a charged mobile phone, and study the route well. You are responsible for everything going well.

10- Practice empathy
Participate in their games and live the experience like a child: Put yourself in their shoes when they complain about something. Leave the seriousness and the demands for office work.

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