How to overcome the fear of pain in childbirth

How to overcome the fear of pain in childbirth

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As pregnancy progresses, women begin to think more and more about the time of delivery. When imagining that day, a lot of different feelings arise: excitement about the arrival of our baby, uncertainty about how the contractions will be or if we will know how to recognize them, impatience for it to be soon, and also, to a large extent, fear. We tell you how to overcome and manage the fear of pain in childbirth.

This fear is quite general; Women are still afraid of childbirth: fear of what will happen, fear of not being capable, fear that something serious will happen to us or to our baby, sometimes because of the stories that have come down to us or because of our own previous experiences.

But above all, what tends to generate the most fear is the fear of pain in childbirth. And almost always this fear is conditioned by wrong information.

For example, the claim that you can give birth without pain can generate false expectations since, although it is true that some women do not feel pain during labor, it is a small percentage, so it is more advisable to prepare for the possibility of feeling very intense sensations during labor.

Nor is the opposite statement that it is a pain impossible to tolerate true: on the contrary, it is a sensation for which we are physiologically prepared, if you feel safe and the environment and care are adequate. And there are a lot of ways to accompany it to make it more bearable.

Why then is the pain of childbirth talked about in such a negative sense? Why do we relate pain and suffering? The answer is easy: in general we recognize pain as a sign of danger, that something is wrong, an uncomfortable symptom that must be eliminated as soon as possible, because it is useless.

And that's how we act in our daily life: if something hurts, we either go to the doctor, or take a pain reliever to relieve it. We think the same about the pain of childbirth, that it is dangerous and useless, although the reality is quite different.

Labor pain is the only pain that indicates that everything is developing as expected. It's a sign that our baby is coming, and that should be cause for celebration. Also, far from being a useless sensation, it has a few well-known functions:

  • The first is clear: let us know that the baby is going to be born. If we do not notice the contractions in an intense way, they could go unnoticed and the delivery could take us by surprise. In addition, as the labor progresses and the sensations become stronger, they help the woman to focus on her process.
  • Another no less important function is to stimulate the production of hormones necessary for childbirth.: on the one hand, oxytocin, which is responsible for uterine contractions, and on the other, endorphins, which are like natural painkillers and place women in a special and unique state of consciousness when they receive their baby.
  • In addition, the pain serves as a guide to indicate what movements or postures to adopt to help for the delivery to proceed properly and protect the mother and the baby at all times.
  • Some people also speak of a more symbolic or spiritual function. For these people, the pain would help the mother-baby separation, as a threshold that must be crossed to become a mother.

Knowing its functions, knowing that this pain is there for something can help you accept it as another part of the whole process without fear, without suffering. There is an expression that circulates on the network that states that "You can give birth with pain but without suffering, and you can give birth without pain but having suffered a lot". In addition, it is not a pain that you have to fight, but rather, accompany or let yourself be carried away by it in different ways: breathing, movement, hot showers ... and if all that does not work, you can resort to pharmacological analgesia such as epidurals .

To finish, I will tell you that the best way to combat fears is with adequate information and trusting, first in yourself and your ability to give birth, as we women have been doing for thousands of years, and second, in the people who will accompany you in childbirth. Find the information you need from now on, You can talk to your midwife or gynecologist, ask her everything you want to solve your doubts and overcome those fears. This will help you face the calmer moment of delivery and receive your baby in the best possible way, enjoying your delivery, whatever it may be.

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