Ingredients to get a perfect puree for your baby

Ingredients to get a perfect puree for your baby

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The success of a good puree lies in a loving preparation and in the good ingredients acquired in a careful purchase of products.

It is preferable to buy fresh produce, especially meat, vegetables and greens. The meat must be defatted and preferably from the most tender and juicy parts of the animal (in your butcher shop they will be able to advise you), fresh vegetables and avoid those that look too beautiful, they are usually subject to excessive pesticides and insecticides.

We tell you what the ingredients to get the perfect puree for your baby.

It will depend on the age of our baby. The ones I mention below are the basics for the baby's first year of life.

  • Meat: Chicken, turkey, veal or lamb (pork, although it is more fat, we can also use it, but less frequently). The use of chicken and veal meats should be the most frequent. Red meats have more iron, so red veal is preferable to white, although the latter seems more tender.
  • Fish: start with white and, less frequently, offer blue which is more oily.
  • Vegetables and vegetables: potato, carrot, green beans, pumpkin, zucchini, leek, chard.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

We must incorporate ingredients progressively, and observe possible reactions in our baby. It is always advisable to start with chicken meat (easily shredded), potato and carrot, then gradually incorporate vegetables like green beans or chard. For the initiation, the carrot should be the predominant element, since we must start with the sweetest foods due to their similarity to the taste of milk.

The carrot and potatoes are the base of almost all children's purees, they provide them with an ideal sweetness and texture. The flavor of the fish combines very well with that of the leek and green beans, and as it has less consistency we could add some rice grains or even combine with an egg yolk (from 11 months). It is very tasty!

It is preferable that the fish used in the purees is frozen previously, since it maintains all the nutritional properties, and we eliminate the risk of bad condition or presence of anisakis (fish parasite). You can add your own ingredients, according to tastes or where you are, but they should be avoided until the year: cabbages, peas, spinach or legumes. Nor is the use of animal viscera suitable: liver, brains, kidneys, etc.

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