The terrible effects of artificial light on the mood and concentration of children

The terrible effects of artificial light on the mood and concentration of children

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In an age where children hardly go out to the parks, and prefer to live between four whitewashed walls, and exposed to the light of bulbs and screens; a study has shown the terrible effects that artificial light has on children's spirits and concentration.

We tell you what are the effects that your child is more exposed to artificial light and screens, than to sunlight.

The Sun it is our source of life. It not only warms us and gives us light, but also its effects on our body they are more than remarkable. To begin with, it provides us with vitamins, makes hormones "Good vibes" are activated, and it makes us bloom internally like tender spring daisies.

When I was a student I remember those endless nights before a exam, in which he tried to study everything that he had not studied in the previous months. The light from the gooseneck hit the paper of the book and gave me back an intense headache the next morning, which mixed with the lack of knowledge acquired during the night, ended with a true championship suspense and a scolding from my mother of colossal dimensions.

The fact is that, as a mother, I have verified that my daughters have a curious thing, and it is that when we go home to do homework, it becomes a bigger odyssey than Ulysses, but if I take them to do homework in a cafeteria while I read, they end in a jiffy and more at ease than if they were in a polynesian beach, despite the madding crowd around us. How can it be?

Well it turns out that a study, nothing recent, prepared at the University of Nebrija, in Spain, has revealed how artificial light has a negative impact on the mood and school performance of our children.

The light influences various biological functions of our body and in our behavior, and its absence negatively influences the state of mind, affecting the brain's ability to process information.

But what's more, the lack of light can cause stress, fatigue, inattention, low spirits and even depression.

If all this is brought to our homes, and especially to schools, where the lights of the fluorescent tubes crown our heads for 8 hours a day, it can be said that the result is more than worrying.

The conclusions of the study indicated that the children in classes with more artificial light had alterations in the basic hormonal patterns, and that therefore, it had a negative influence on the time of focus and cooperate. In addition, this repeated over time, affected chronobiological growth.

While the classes where sunlight was more present, the children were more cheerful and relaxed, in addition to suffering from less eye diseases. The natural light helped the children process information and mental functions, such as mental speed, reading comprehension or the level of concentration.

In summary, take your children more to the park and turn off the television, tablets and mobile, you will check the result in the school grades.

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