Menu for week 16 of pregnant

In pregnancy, excess sugar is not beneficial for either the mother or the baby. From the 16th week of pregnancy, it is common to feel a craving for sweet foods. When this happens, there are healthier alternatives, which are just as appetizing, such as homemade pastries or natural fruit smoothies.

In addition to avoiding sweets, the pregnant woman, at this stage, should reinforce the consumption of foods with vitamin A. Vegetables with strong colors such as lettuce, parsley, spinach, tomato and carrots, contain a lot of vitamin A , excellent for the hair and skin of the pregnant woman.

Milk and its derivatives, such as eggs (especially the yolk) are also recommended in the 16th week of pregnancy. has prepared a complete and healthy menu with the collaboration of the nutritionist Cristina Abascal. You can print it to track it.

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