How to prevent grooming of children online

Grooming is one of the different ways of bullying children that occur on the Internet. It happens when an adult impersonates a child or adolescent and contacts other minors through social networks in order to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Experts and authorities from different countries have been warning about this practice before the growing number of cases of sexual abuse of adolescents due to these practices.

As we can prevent grooming of children online?

An adult with these intentions has many more resources than a child or adolescent to deceive and attract him to his field, however, preparing our children not to trust strangers through the Internet is a lesson that we must incorporate into their education. How?

1. Talk to our children. How many internet friends do you really know? Teach your children never to contact strangers or give them private information or data over the Internet.

2. Control which pages you browse. You can put parental control filters and you can also check which pages you visited during the time you spent browsing the Internet.

3. Do not leave the child alone with the computer. Place it in a common place in the house and check from time to time, if you cannot be with it while it is with the tablet, smartphone or computer, what it is doing.

4. Create a climate of trust. So that your child can tell you if he has a problem with someone, feels harassed on the Internet or uncomfortable with a certain behavior of someone.

To ensure that the message about the danger of grooming permeates society and, above all, children, the Cybercrime Investigation Brigade of the Chilean Police has prepared a video that has already been seen by more than 5 million people.

This video shows a teenager who thinks she has met a very handsome boy through social media. The boy asks her to send him sexy photos and after a few days they meet up. The handsome boy will never arrive at the appointment, do you want to know what usually happens in these cases? Don't miss this video.

The video was broadcast in the same area where this type of abuse occurs, that is, on social networks and its impact has been such that it already has more than 5 million visits.

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Video: Online Grooming Educational Video - Know The Signs u0026 Report It (December 2021).