How to travel with children under 5 years old

Having young children at home is synonymous with constant activity and change. Since a little one comes home, routines are different in every way, from meal times to family trips. To make your holidays with the little ones a success, the most important thing is a good organization.

1. Make a list of everything you will need during the trip and prepare your luggage following it. In this way, you not only avoid leaving something forgotten, but you do not overload your suitcases with clothes or accessories that will not be useful at your destination.

2. You should also take time to choose the destination you will go to. To do this, you must take into account that the accommodation options offered by the places that interest you are adapted to take small children or that you have holiday apartments for your stay. You should also evaluate the activities you can do to make sure that you can do them with your children.

Young children get tired of walking long distances or going to museums that do not have special areas for them, so it is important that you take these details into account when choosing.

3. Another important detail to decide before leaving is the means of transport you will use for it. If children are very young they may need many more accessories that take up space such as the stroller. In these cases it is best to travel by vehicle, because it will be more comfortable to move with a lot of luggage. If children no longer need a stroller and know how to go to the bathroom on their own, you can choose to travel by train or plane, with which you can expand the area of ​​possible destinations to visit.

The round trip can be very tiring for children. Spending many hours sitting in a confined space makes them restless and irritable. Think of activities you can do with them on the go to keep them entertained and make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. If you go by plane or train, bring crayons and coloring books and if you go by car teach them funny songs or play to count cars, in this way in addition to playing, they learn.

Bring sickness medicine and enough bags. Sometimes travel causes discomfort in children, so be cautious and prepare for a possible unforeseen event. And if you travel by vehicle, make frequent stops so that children can stretch their legs and so that the driver can rest, in this way driving will be much safer.

If you have done a good pre-trip planning, your vacation will be full of good times. Even so, it is important that you do not neglect yourself and that you do not take your eyes off your children. There are children who are shy and do not detach from their parents when they go to a new place, but there are others who are very curious and want to see everything, so they can sometimes be separated from their parents without realizing it. You must have all your senses in what your children do so as not to lose sight of them and thus avoid a scare.

During the holidays, do not change the sleep schedules of your children, so when they return it will not cost them to adapt to their daily routine. Watch what they eat and avoid giving them meals that may be heavy for them so that they do not have digestive problems that cloud an ideal vacation.

Children really enjoy family vacations. They are perfect moments to reinforce the bond between parents and children and to fill albums with good memories. A good organization and eager to enjoy every moment of the holidays are the guarantee of perfect days with your little ones.

Catalina Lopez
Contributor to our site

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