How to make a giant slime to create a huge bubble with children

How to make a giant slime to create a huge bubble with children

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Some games are very useful not only to amuse and entertain children, or to learn certain subjects. There are games that also serve to encourage certain values. In this case, we present you a craft to make a game that encourages in children the values ​​of patience and perseverance: it is about the giant slime and the bubble game.

We explain step by step how to make a giant slime to make a huge bubble with the children. It is a didactic, entertaining and very instructive activity. You want to try?

  • White glue
  • Baking soda
  • Contact lens liquid
  • A bowl or plastic container
  • Paint the color you want
  • A teneror or teaspoon

Before starting the bubble game, you must create your giant slime. To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. Fill your bowl or container with white tail. Depending on the amount of glue you put in, this is how big your slime will be.

2. Now add a little baking soda, but very little, because if you overdo it, the slime will be very hard and will cut instead of stretching.

3. Stir well. And add the paint of the color you want. Stir again.

4. Now it's your turn contact lens fluid. Begin to pour contact lens liquid and stir. When you see that it has a flexible consistency but that you can massage with your hands, it is time ... You already have your slime!

Now that you have your giant sile, you can play to create a huge pomp. How? Very easy. you need the help of another person: your friend, your mother, your brother ... whoever you want!).

1. Sit facing each other.

2. Hold the ends of the pump, each one should hold one end with both hands.

3. Stretch carefully but as much as you can.

4. Now you must hold it two or three times and lower your hands quickly to the ground. The objective is for the slime to take a breath and form a huge bubble before reaching the ground. Then you can see how it gradually falls apart ... it's beautiful!

The slime may not have been perfect the first time. It takes a lot of practice to find the right amount of ingredients. But some of the problems that you may encounter have a solution. For example these:

- If the slime has become inflexible and breaks: It is by default white glue. If you add more white glue at the moment, you can fix it.

- If the slime drips water: It is also due to an excess of bicarbonate. To fix it, you should also add more baking soda.

- The slime is very hard: To fix it, you must add a little water. You will see how it becomes flexible again.