Judo and children

Judo and children

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With the return to school of the children, the extracurricular activities and sports they practice are also resumed. Although judo is viewed by many parents as a fighting sport, it is much more than that.

Is a contact sportYes, but it is also a very educational exercise for the physical and mental development of children with a very positive ethical and philosophical background. Qualified by Unesco as one of the best sports that children can practice, this olympic discipline Overcome the notion of hand-to-hand combat to move towards self-knowledge.

For children it is one of the funniest activities you can practice and for parents one of the healthiest sports to take their children to. We tell you how Judo and children get along.

Judo is a contact sport originating in Japan. It was founded in 1882 by the Japanese professor Jigoro Kano with the goal of creating an educational system and not simply teaching a series of self defense techniques. The objective pursued in this martial art is to knock down the opponent when fighting standing up or to control and dominate his body when fighting on the ground.

Judocas use a series of techniques and tactics to defeat your opponent. In addition, the physical and mental capacities that it allows to develop have led to judo being one of the most practiced styles of competitive fighting today.

Initially, children should practice judo as a game and not to compete; the beginning of the competition It will be determined by your physical development and your skills in sport. Judo can be practiced in any sports center or club that is equipped for it. There must be a surface without columns tatami cover (group of pressed foam rubber sheets), which makes it possible to cushion the child's contact with the ground; so they can play without fear of falling.

The judoka clothing is made up of a kimono called judogi, which is usually white and blue, and the belt of one or another color depending on the level at which the child is. In addition, it is very important to know that your child's judo teacher, in addition to being a black belt, must have received training as a teacher and have obtained one of the different teaching qualifications required by the Judo Federation of the municipality or region.

Judo stops children between 4 and 7 years old is characterized by being, mainly, exercises with which to teach the little ones to dominate your body, know their abilities and possibilities to move, jump, run, crawl on the ground, etc. With these easy psychomotor exercises, children will gain confidence in themselves.

Between 7 and 10 yearsThese simple psychomotor exercises are beginning to be combined with the simplest judo techniques. They learn to respect their classmates and their teacher and each time they will have to try harder to improve themselves and evolve.

From 10 years old children will already be able to develop judo sports techniques. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to put into practice what they learned about the values ​​of companionship, demand or teamwork that they learned in previous phases.

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