The importance of breathing in pregnancy

Would you build a house on the roof? I ask you this question so that you understand that from our point of view and although it seems very basic, breathing is very important. It would correspond to the pillars of the house, on which we will build the rest, in our case, a good posture. If you are not breathing well, your posture is not correct and it is much easier for you to have discomfort.

On our site we explain what it is the importance of breathing in pregnancy and why you should be concerned about proper breathing.

It is essential to evaluate and work the breathing of future mothers, to improve pregnancy, increasing the strength of the muscle groups that need it most (abdominals, pelvic floor, buttocks), facilitate pushing during delivery, and achieve a speedy postpartum recovery.

In cases where you need to learn to breathe properly, it is essential to start here, before teaching any other type of exercise.

Yes, I know that you think that this is very simple and that you all do it very well, but You would be surprised to know how many of you do not do it correctly, and the impact that this can have on your quality of life.

- Some people often complain of permanent tension in the upper traps and neck that does not improve with anything. They do not know how to relax their shoulders, they almost always keep them up, causing the muscles end up contracted.

- They usually do a high costal breathing, making it difficult for them to change the type of breathing to an abdominal or low costal one. If you ask them to take a strong breath, almost automatically, their shoulders are raised. Sometimes the abdominal movement that accompanies breathing is even the opposite of normal. When we breathe in, the abdomen bulges a little and when we breathe out it flattens. Sometimes the problem is in the expiratory phase, where too much force is concentrated downward, weakening the pelvic floor. These patterns must be corrected.

- If when you cough, your abdomen becomes prominent easily, it is that you abdominal girdle is not being as competent as it should. The more movement, the more weakness.

- If we breathe incorrectly, we will cause a poor synergy between the pelvic floor muscles and the core, where normally abdominal and perineum are weak, (although this is not always the case). If this happens, our body center will not be stable. The deep muscles need to be strong, if we want to be able to stand upright and have a correct movement.

- My recommendation is that you go to a assessment before or during pregnancy, to work on the aspects that are necessary in each case, and be in the best conditions for the delivery and postpartum. The more we have achieved during pregnancy, the easier and faster postpartum recovery will be, and the less discomfort we will have during breastfeeding.

- You can learn to breathe correctly from the hand of a physiotherapist whoIt will indicate exercises that will help you to breathe correctly, to become aware of the body, to tone the pelvic floor, to correct posture, to activate the abdominals in a non-harmful way and to perform the perineal massage.

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