We leave our skin in pregnancy

We leave our skin in pregnancy

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Is it necessary to leave the skin in pregnancy? Dermatology experts agree that it is not accurate. Taking care of your skin during pregnancy is exactly what we must do so that stretch marks and spots do not settle permanently in our epidermis and make us remember forever that pregnancy leaves its mark. Prevention is the best remedy. You just have to be consistent.

When we plan to get pregnant, all women know that this new adventure requires a lot of ourselves. Having a child means preparing to assume a series of physical and emotional changes that do not have to mark us forever, but are temporary and, due to this condition, are easier to assume.

Throughout the gestation, Future moms undergo a series of very important hormonal and vascular changes that will transform our body from the inside out. For this reason, the skin, hair and nails also undergo changes and we must be aware of them to preserve their beauty also during pregnancy.

Distention of the abdomen for physiological reasons is one of the most significant changes. The skin that surrounds the gut, buttocks and thighs will be subjected to a stretching process, capable of testing anyone's skin.

To cope with this stretching without causing breakage of epithelial tissue or stretch marks, the most advisable thing is to nourish the skin daily with very rich and nutritious creams whose mission is to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. These creams should be applied twice a day, every day so that the distension of the skin in these areas is less intense. Once the child is born, specific skin care must be maintained until it recovers its normality and returns to its normal state.

Another very important aspect of the pregnant woman's skin, which can be well prevented, is the issue of pregnancy spots. Hormonal changes in women make spots appear on the skin very easily and even more if it is accompanied by sun exposure.

To avoid the appearance of chloasma gravidarum, which are the spots on the face that generally appear on the cheekbones, it is advisable not to go outside, either in summer or winter, without a cream with a high sun protection factor. Wearing the skin properly protected against solar radiation will prevent this pigmentation from appearing on the skin, and if it still appears, it will help to control the pigmentation from becoming more extensive.

And also, to keep your skin in good condition, take care of your hygiene. You must be sure that all the products that you apply on your skin do not produce transcutaneous absorption that can reach the fetus. Most cosmetics do not have any problem, but if you are applying a treatment on the skin for another specific problem, you should consult your doctor.

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