Children's and Youth Book Day and the birth of Hans Christian Andersen

On April 2, the International Children's and Youth Book Day, with the aim of commemorating another famous anniversary, that of the writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Hans Christian Andersen, was the father of such surprising children's stories as The Ugly Duckling, The Tin Soldier, The Emperor's New Suit, The Little Mermaid, and many other stories that have accompanied many children in different generations from childhood.

We tell you why the Children's and Youth Book Day.

In his autobiography, entitled "The fairy tale of my life", the Danish writer (1805-1875) states that his mother, a washerwoman, was a lawyer. His father, on the other hand, a shoemaker who seemed to have a very poetic imaginationHe read to her a lot, and every book he gave her, Andersen devoured. He was a lonely child, who never played with other children.

His companions and friends were books. Andersen had a childhood marked by misery, by his physical ugliness, and for some psychological disorders. At 11 years of age, when his father died, he had to drop out of school and start working what he could to survive. He was a tailor's assistant and a cigar factory worker, until he came to the theater.

There, he worked with puppets, and began to dance and sing, standing out for his beautiful soprano voice. But with youth, his voice changed, and Andersen went on to dedicate himself to writing. At the same time, during that period he wrote plays, poems, novels, and at 24 years of age, he entered the University of Copenhagen, at the same time that his recognition as playwright and poet, it was obvious.

Andersen published more than one hundred and fifty stories for children. "The ugly Duckling", "The little Mermaid" Y "The emperor's new suit" are some of his best known stories, inspired by legends and popular beliefs from his country, Denmark.

The stories were translated into more than eighty languages and transformed into works of art, in the cinema and in the theater. Likewise, Andersen also edited plays, travel books, novels, and poems. His death occurred at 70 years of age.

He did not have children, but he gave life to many characters who, with their surprising stories, delighted many children.

For the children, for the children's stories, for the illusion that they provide us, we are going to celebrate this bicentennial of the birth of this illustrious author by offering some of his best known stories.

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